Monday, June 17, 2013

Transformers Hall of Fame Fan's Choice Voting Now Open

Since 2010, Hasbro has its yearly Transformers Hall of Fame ceremony at Botcon (6/27-6/30) that inducts to people that played a part in building the brand, 3 Transformers characters chosen by Hasbro and 1 character chosen by the fans. This year until June 21 you can vote from the below choices for who you think should next enter the Transformers Hall of Fame. To vote, click here.

Ultra Magnus - "If there is any AUTOBOT the DECEPTICONS fear as much as OPTIMUS PRIME, it is ULTRA MAGNUS."
Arcee - "An accomplished, street smart and powerful fighter with little patience for those who don't know their way around a battlefield."
Beast Wars Megatron - "A menacing, hyper-intelligent criminal mastermind who led a group of renegade PREDACONS in search of the Energon they would need to conquer CYBERTRON."
Rodimus/Hot Rod - "RODIMUS is young, naïve, headstrong, and daring when it comes to his own safety in the field."
Prowl - "DECEPTICONS, beware, because PROWL is one tough AUTOBOT out to bring law and order to his enemies."

Personally I voted for Beast Wars Megatron because of the group, he "accomplished" the most of any of the characters between risking all of time and space literally blowing the head off of Optimus Prime and successfully conquering Cybertron. Let us know who you voted for and why in the comments.


  1. Magnus? Feared by decepticons? If I remember he didnt even last at least 1 week as a leader in TF animated movie and he didnt appear during the fight with Unicron.

  2. I think Decepticons fear Wheelie more than Magnus lol

  3. I think I will Vote Rodimus or Arcee Well most Optimus fans are blaming Hotrod for his death in G1 animation but I think if im in his position it is better to do something rather than watching optimus die like nothing coz he knew that Optimus will not going to pull the trigger and Megatron will use Optimus weakness as an advantage and that is compassion. But even most fans hate him they dont realize that he achieve something that optimus didnt is that in less than 3yrs. as a leader he took back cybertron and kick the decepticon to planet charr which took optimus for millenia of fighting then died also not to mention that he beat Galvatron and destroy Unicron. I cant blame him for lacking confidence becoz who would think that a low rank like him who only knows how to follow orders and lacks experience as a leader will become a Prime one day and lead the autobots. For me his a Great Leader ,compared to Optimus Galvatron feared him more coz he doesnt have the same compassion for decepticons like optimus and he wants to get the job done and end it.


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