Thursday, June 06, 2013

Transformers Prime 3.08 Thirst Promo and Clip

Tomorrow a new episode of Transformers Prime Beast Hunters premieres on The Hub at 7:30PM EST. Called "Thirst", the episode revisits Dark Energon and its ability to create zombie Transformers (like Cliffjumper in season 1), as "Knock Out and Starscream experiment with synthetic lead and threaten to take over the Decepticon ship and unleash an old enemy." The promo and a clip for the ep is below, the previous two eps of TF Prime are at Hub World. As can see below, after this Prime takes a two week new ep break and then picks up again with at least three new ones in a row. For now, the final two episodes of the series has not been scheduled.

Upcoming Episodes:
06/28 - Evolution (3.09) - Megatron questions the results of Project Predacon.
07/05 - Minus One (3.10) - The Autobots question a captured enemy for information regarding Megatron's plans.
07/12 - Persuasion (3.11) - Megatron appeals to Ratchet; Optimus takes on the Predacon.

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