Friday, July 19, 2013

Transformers 4 Filming at US Steel Site, Bramble Update, Story Tidbit

Preparation continues in Chicago for Transformers 4 which plans to film in the city from August 18 to September 27. With those plans comes choosing site locations and bureaucratic hurdles to clear. A potential new location is a US Steel site in the Southeast Side of Chicago.
"They want to do some takeoffs and landings at the former U.S. Steel" site, said Ald. John Pope, 10th, who in true Chicago tradition is asking for some consideration in return for his permission. That would take the form of some sort of "community benefits" or perhaps an opportunity for local kids to be allowed to get a close-up of the filmmaking, he said.

Today The City Council Committee on Transportation and Public Way have agreed to discuss an ordinance to allow use the use of helicopters at the site when they meet on July 24th. Considering Chicago was ok with sky divers and explosions going off on various building for Dark of the Moon, this request seems like an easy one to get passed.

In addition, it seems TF4 production decided to pass on filming on the retired Coast Guard ship USS Bramble in Marine City, MI. It was revealed last month that it was being looked at for the film. With that decision, the owner revealed an interesting story tidbit.
“The ship itself would emulate the exact look they wanted, a Russian waterfront, dark, mysterious underworld environment,” [Robert] Klingler said. “We more or less auditioned for the part at their request.”

The Bramble’s star turn, Klinger said, would have been in an action scene with people searching the ship for the good-guy Autobots.

“I think the big guy chose to go a different direction, but we met all of the criteria they wanted,” Klingler said. “The Bramble has the look. It looks very industrial and very busy. It had a really, really good chance.”
I assume the "big buy" is Michael Bay. Bay does like to watch his budget so he may have figured out a way to get the same scene using a location they are already using. Thanks to Wynton R. for the links.

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