Monday, July 22, 2013

Transformers at SDCC 2013

This weekend the San Diego Comic-Con was held. The 'Con is mostly a TV and movies promotional thing at this point (Superman/Batman movie, Avengers 2: Age of Ultron) but Hasbro did have panels for Transformers Prime and the toys. Most of the news was already covered at Botcon 2013 but a few new things were revealed like more of the Thrilling 30 line, Constructabots, the Fan Built Bot design, and more.

Thrilling 30
Hasbro issued a press release revealing a total of 11 of the 30 toys that make up this 30th Anniversary series. This line is definitely geared towards the die hard older collector as the members of the line are entirely made up of exclusives in the US and asian markets. So far we just have official images for a few of them. The list so far:
#1) SDCC Edition Metroplex ($150) - SDCC Exclusive
#2) SDCC Edition Shockwave's Laboratory - SDCC Exclusive
#3) Platinum Edition Ultra Magnus($50) - believe Amazon exclusive but not sure, release date unknown
#4) Platinum Edition Grimlock vs Bruticus ($100) - BigBadToyStore exclusive
#5) Ani-Con Metroplex ($150) - Hong Kong's Ani-Con & Game Convention Exclusive
#6) Shockwave's Laboratory ($50) - unknown release date or through what store, Predaking legion figure is orange hued
#7) 1st Look Beast Hunters Optimus Prime ($60) - Ultimate class version, special packaging for Asian market to be released in late July
#8) Masterpiece Acid Storm ($75) - Toys R Us Exclusive, currently sold out
#9) Masterpiece Soundwave ($120) - Toys R Us Exclusive, currently sold out
#10) Platinum Edition Predaking ($120) - Re-issue of G1 toy in special packaging, currently available for pre-order on Amazon and
#11) Construct-Bots Predacons Rising Predaking Set ($25) - Target exclusive
As the list shows, most of these toys are only going to be attainable for those willing to pay a premium since many are either unavailable to most (SDCC exclusives), difficult to get hold of (TRU exclusives), or Asian only market (Ani-Con Metroplex). Assuming the pattern holds for the remaining 19 figures, it seems the investment cost for a "complete" collection is probably north of $2500 so I think I am going to pass on most of them unless get lucky and get them through official channels at standard prices (like Acid Storm for $75 from TRU but not $120 from online TF stores).

Official Toy Images
Some of the Botcon announced toys didn't have official images to go with them until now.
- BH Weaponizers: Beast Blade Optimus Prime (green repaint), Stealth Bumblebee (black/yellow repaint)
- Generations Deluxe: Armada Starscream, Scoop, Skywarp (repaint), and Minicon Combiner.
- Generations Legends: Tailgate w/ Groundpounder, Sharpshot w/ Reflector
- Generations Voyager: Whirl
- Constructbots Scout ($10): Bumblebee, Ripclaw, Starscream
- Constructabot Elite ($15): Skystalker, Shockwave, Optimus Prime
- Constructabot Triple Team ($25): Megatron and Bulkhead

Links below to videos and images from the TF related panels.
- IDW Panel
- Hasbro Panel

- Windblade: Used characteristics chosen from online fan poll, result is female Autobot with jet alt mode. Betting will be one of the Thrilling 30. A video of the reveal is here.
- SDCC Toy display gallery

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