Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Videos, Propaganda Posters from Transformers 4 In Chicago

Filming continues this weekend in Chicago for Transformers 4. Friday started off with some big bangs with Saturday shifting to coverage of the Autobot vehicles in action. The Chicago Tribune has posted a nice close-up of the same Friday stunts along with a report from the day. The report confirms that current filming is using McCormick Place as a stand-in for Hong Kong. A segment from the video is below but the rest (mostly showing extras running) can be found here (warning it autoplays).

The next three videos are of five Transformers vehicles (Bumblebee, green C7 Corvette Stingray, red Pagani Huayra, blue Bugatti, black Lamborghini Aventador) on the road and on display for the public from Collecticon. Last is the above image of a wall of propaganda posters from TFW2005 that indicates that humanity may be divided on their trust of the Autobots. Some posters show the Chicago skyline with the phrase "Remember Chicago. Report Alien Contact", others are in the 2008 multiple color Obama poster but with the heads of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee with messages of "Hope" or "Hate" and others show robot-like silhouettes with message "It's watching you". Dark of the Moon had something similiar that turned out to play no part in the movie's story so difficult to know if should read to much into it.


  1. Those cars are sooooooo sexy.

  2. Wonder who the Aventador is...

  3. I'm still leaning towards the Lambo being an Autobot. I also still think the Corvette is either Sides or Sunny. Why the hell would Bay use an alt mode already associated with SIdeswipe, for a different Bot? The only Bot that would make the slightest bit of sesnse with, would be Sideswipes twin, Sunstreaker.


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