Friday, August 16, 2013

Transformers 4 Lake Shore East Notification with Filming Info

As posted about earlier, Transformers 4 production will be filming in Chicago starting next Friday. Thanks to @filming_chicago we know have a few more details from a letter that I think was sent to local residents and businesses in the Lake Shore East area. If my memory serves, many of these locations were used in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Below is based on what I could make out from the notice. I redacted names, email addresses and phone numbers. The main parts is filming will involve a helicopter, vehicular action and pyrotechnics with more filming to occur on August 31 and September 1. Update: Swapped out letter with a clear version, corrected the ? from before.
Dear Building Managers, Businesses and Residents of Lake Shore East,

Paramount Pictures will be filming scenes for the feature film Transformers 4 around the Lakeshore East Neighborhood. We are working closely with the Alderman's office, the Chicago Police Department, and the Chicago Film Office to ensure a smooth and cooperative filming event. Below is a list of neighborhood activity that could affect you.

To accommodate our production's equipment vehicles in preparation for filming, we will be permitting the following streets "NO PARKING" from 12:00PM FRIDAY AUGUST 23 - 11:00PM SUNDAY AUGUST 25
BS Randolph from Michigan to Field
BS of Stetson from Lake to Randolph
BS of Columbus Dr from Jackson to Randolph
BS E South Water from Michigan to Stetson
BS of Stetson from E South Water to Lake
NS of Wacker from 323 E Wacker Drive to End

# UPPER RANDOLPH: Filming will require vehicular and pedestrian closures between Stetson Ave. and Field Blvd for a portion of the day. Local access only and detours through Lower Lower Wacker Dr will be in effect with personnel to help guide you.
# MIDDLE RANDOLPH: Filming will require intermittent traffic control of Middle Randolph at Columbus
# INTERSECTION OF UPPER RANDOLPH & UPPER COLUMBUS: Intermittent traffic control for a portion of the day. Local access only. Expect delays.
# COLUMBUS DR BETWEEN JACKSON & MIDDLE RANDOLPH: Filming will require vehicular closures for a portion of the day - allowing for access to Millennium Park Garage.

To help with traffic flow in your neighborhood, we will maintain unobstructed movement from Field Blvd to Lower Lower Wacker Dr and have personnel to assist with navigating the sometimes difficult traffic patterns.

AERIAL WORK / HELICOPTER: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM in the aforementioned areas
# MICHIGAN FROM LAKE TO WASHINGTON and RANDOLPH FROM MICHIGAN TO STETSON, WRIGLEY SQUARE: Intermittent vehicular and pedestrian control. Access to the area may be restricted for 5-10 minute intervals ONLY during the helicopter activity.
# Helicopter filming above 500 feet in the proximity of 300 E. Randolph and 310 S. Michigan will occur throughout the day for brief 10-15 minute intervals. No traffic control is required.
# For questions regarding AERIAL work, please contact [redacted]

Some of our filming will involve the use of live stunts and pyrotechnics. These special effects will create sounds and visuals that could be interpreted as alarming. These effects are managed by professionals and are executed in a safe and secure manner with the utmost emphasis placed on protecting the public and the public's property. DO NOT BE ALARMED.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome we have been shown thus far. We are looking forward to being back to Chicago and filming in your neighborhood. We kindly ask for your assistance and appreciate your cooperation to make this a positive experience for everyone involved. Contact [redacted] with questions or concerns.

Also expect another notification letter next week after Monday August 26 regarding filming activities on August 31 & Sept 1.

Sincerely your Transformers 4 Chicago Location Team,


  1. Guys! Big news! Over at, a yellow Saleen S7 has been spotted with the Cadillac at one of the Transformers sets.

    In my opinion I think they are the Mini-Con Street Speed Team:

    Saleen S7 - Autobot: "Oval"
    2002 Cadillac Cien - Autobot: "Backtrack"

    *(Note there is a third member in this team, named "Spiral" who is a Mercedes C230, but this car has not been spotted)

    Oh and here is the site, check it out:

    1. EpicTransformer8/17/2013 11:00 AM

      sorry to rain on your parade but that vehicle is not in TF4 in any form. It is a vehicle for the Detroit car show. The original thread creator did not know this at the time. sorry

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