Friday, September 06, 2013

Another Location For Transformers 4 Weekend Schedule

This weekend Transformers 4 is scheduled to film in Chicago's LaSalle street area but its not the only place they will be filming at. A new notice issued to residents and businesses indicates that on Sunday, September 8, a beautiful abandoned church located at Chestnut and Noble is another location that will be used. Exactly what will be filmed there and with who is unknown except production has done some work on the interior.

Supposedly the LaSalle filming will be all day Sunday also so either the location is 2nd unit or Bay wants to finish one location and hit the other without significant delays in between. Since a one day shoot, the location probably is only being used for a scene or two. As the notice indicate, the streets in the area will be a no parking zone the entire 24 hour period with some occasional street closures.


  1. That looks like the same church that John Landis used in the original, "The Blues Brothers" film. Does anyone know if it is? Just curious. Thanks for all you do for the TF fandom, Transformers Live.

  2. This is the scene where Grimlock kills Sideswipe.

    1. ... and goes to confession for his sins.

    2. I swear if your right I WILL NOT forgive bay! Sideswipe is the MAN T___T


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