Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween With Life-Size Transformers Display

A huge Transformers fan in Cleveland, Ohio celebrates Halloween in an interesting way - with a life-size display of Transformers. The display, on its sixth year, is based on the first Transformers movie's Transformers characters with Optimus Prime (18' tall), Megatron (sitting on porch roof), Bumblebee (12' tall) and Barricade standing in his yard in robot mode. The four robots took around three months each to build and now takes about an hour and a half to assemble. Video below but if have problems can also find the news report, along with more pictures at NewsNet5. Thanks to Jeffrey M. for the link. Happy Halloween!


  1. Nice!!! And happy halloween everybody lol

  2. you should check toy news out of tfw2005.... Some movie/surprises in the toy line....

  3. Dudemus:suprise in the toyline you say?....I say its a total joke in the toyline if its going to be released with only two leaderclass figures (Optimus&Grimlock) no Hound, Galvatron,Strafe or Motormaster. I see now Hasbro is gearing up for another disappointing movie toyline year. They just don't seem to get it...they are seriously out of touch with the diehard TF fans.


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