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Linkfest - New Masterpieces, Album, Comic and More

With Transformers: Age of Extinction filming news going mostly quiet as production heads to Chian, time for another link fest. In this addition we get an update on the fantastic masterpiece line (sadly all being repaints), news of a new Transformers comic, album, commercial spook and homage video. Of course this also means lots of links to video reviews of the latest Transformers including 3rd party releases of not Blackarachnia, not Brainstorm, not Uranos along with a look at the latest Masterpiece figure with MP-17 Prowl.

MP-12G G2 Sideswipe - Another repaint of the MP-12 figure, but in the G2 style in new head mold and accessories. Release date is February, 2014 with average import price of $80.
MP-13B Soundblaster with Ratbat - Look at the Masterpiece Soundwave repaint with new MP version of Ratbat. While Hasbro has released MP Soundwave stateside, even though finding it in Toys R Us has been difficult, it doesn't come with Ratbat. The foy is set for release in March 2014, average import price is around $160.
MP-18 Bluestreak and MP-19 Smokescreen - Repaints of MP-17 Prowl (out now and review below), these two additions to the line will becoming out in the next two months for average price of $80 each. As a G1 fan and abiding love of the MP line, despite being repaints, definitely going to get both.

Transformers / G.I. Joe Ongoing Series Announced - After years of occasional crossovers, Hasbro and IDW have announced new series coming Summer 2014 with the two properties interacting that will be written and dawn by Tom Scioli with current TF writer John Barber co-writing. No details past that so no telling if it will fit in any currently continuity but doubt it.
Transformers: The Movie Score Album Coming - Composer for the 1986 movie, Vince DiCola, has revealed that Intrada/Sony is planning to release his score to the movie. No release date yet but the score is actually very good (especially The Death of Optimus Prime track) with effective use of electronically created music that was the norm in the mid-80s before using an orchestra became common again.
This is SportsCenter - Uses classic TF sounds to have Calvin "Megatron" Johnson "transform" into a soda machine to hide from someone.

Transformers: Back of the Box - This G1 homage uses the back of the box artwork to create a kind of space battle. Its a nice walk down memory lane as look at the artwork that was part of my childhood.

Digital Domain VFX Sizzle Reel - A kind of "best of" from the last 10 years of work from Digital Domain including their work for the Transformers franchise.

3rd Party
not Motormaster - Look at the final version of Fansproject Diesel who is the core figure for their not Menasor combiner. The other four figures have been released over the last 6 months and still available. This final one will be released around November 2013.
Deformed not Optimus Prime - From newcomer Excellent Toys is CRM-01 Ptolemy that is a new "deformed" (big head) take on Optimus Prime that transforms into truck mode. No idea on price, release date and have not seen it up for pre-order on common TF collector store sites. Still it looks pretty cool.

Video Reviews
PE-DX02 Aranea - From Perfect Effect is their homage to the TF Prime version of Blackarachnia using their previously released Arcee mold but with multiple modifications. Another solid figure but price at $100. Gallery here.
Toyworld H-02 Brainwave - This is 3rd party version of G1 Headmaster Brainstorm with Arcana. Still on the fence is willing to get at its $100 price tag. Out now.
TFC Toys AV-88 Harrier II - Review of the not Arielbot that merges to form Uranos (not Superion).
TFC Toys F-16 Falcon - Review of this last not Arielbot that merges to form Uranos (not Superion).
TFC Toys Uranos - Speaking of, this is a long 40 minute look at the combiner. Useful if making the decision to drop $500 for the complete set.
Unique Toys Violence - This is the 4th of five Beasticon (aka not G1 Predacons) that will merge to form War Lord (not Predaking). Ok line, waiting to see if can get the full set at a decent price.
Beast Hunters - Abominus | Skylynx | Darksteel
Generations - Deluxe Hoist | Voyager Megatron
Transformers Go Shinobi Team Combiner - Sensuimaru | Hishoumaru | Gekisoumaru

MP-17 Prowl - Another fantastic addition to the Masterpiece line from Takara. Bought it, love it and will join my permanent group of favorite Transformers (aka do not go to storage when run out of space). Really, especially starting with MP-10 Prime, you cannot go wrong with the Masterpiece line and highly recommend them to any Generation One and Transformers fan as the line is simply the best of the best. Gallery of Prowl here.

FansProject Quadruple U - Their take on G1's Weirdwolf Headmaster. As the review shows, the result is a very solid figure worth checking out but then so are most of Fansproject's toys. A gallery of the figure is here. Speaking of G1 Weirdwolf, you can find his review here.

Make Toys Hyper Novae - This is a new toy re-creates Nova Prime from the IDW comics. The result is a truly awesome looking robot mode and ok truck mode that is available now $180 at or from for $160 + $20 S&H assuming you can get through the order process (its in Japanease). I am want him but because the robot mode is freaking awesome but really hard to get past the price tag. Before ordering, check out the review below and also watch the installation video to get an idea of the initial setup that is required with the figure.

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