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Linkfest - Happy New Year Edition

The end of 2013 is here with final toy linkfest of the year. Its been a good year in toys with Generations line, Takara's new additions to the Masterpiece line and most of the 3rd party makers knocking out some outstanding Transformers that often put Hasbro's and Takara's offerings to shame. As the the galleries show, 2014 is going to be the same, especially as Hasbro shifts to the Transformers 4 toyline. In 3rd party news we have a look at not Galvatron, not Menasor, not Ratch, and not IDW Fortress Maximus. Hasbro abd Takara are doing another repaint of MP Prime, more Generations coming, and few other official products. Other topics include Botcon 2014 has a location and time, Gingerbread Prime, new The Touch video, and movie statues. Per usual also have a bunch of new video reviews including look at latest Masterpiece Prowl, not Motormaster, not Brainstorm, new not Throttlebot, not Swoop and more.

3rd Party Galleries
Unique Toys Mania King - This 3rd party figure recreates the original G1 Galvatron but with a whole lot more detail and color scheme while keeping his Cybertronian alt mode. No estimated release date or price.
FansProject not Menasor - After a bit of a delay, the final piece of Fansproject's Intimidator combiner is coming next month. Diesel (aka not Motormaster) is set for release by the end of January for $150. Hit the link for the look at their final combiner and head below for a preview review of Diesel and Intimidator. Another gallery is here.
iGear not Ratchet - Hit the link for a re-release of iGear's not Ratchet release from early last year. This version is about $30 cheaper as they eliminated most of the unnecessary accessories that came with the figure. I got the first version and do recommend getting as it is a faithful re-creation of the G1 Ratchet robot and vehicle modes that fits with the Masterpiece line. Out now for $100.
Perfect Effect Warden - This is an interesting new 3rd Party creation. It takes the IDW version of Fortress Maximus and gives him an alt mode that is the actual head of Fortress Maximus by replacing the Cerebros head/robot on the large G1 toy that from 1985 and just recently re-issued by Takara. Not entirely sure if he has a third tank mode but were the toys presented Fortress Maximus as the largest TF ever created, in the comics that title goes to Metroplex and so Fortress is a much smaller character that retained the look and color scheme of the toy minus the city size. Release date is around February for $150.

Hasbro & Takara Galleries
Year of the Horse - Japan Version | US Platinum Version | Packaging
If you missed the chance to get Masterpiece Optimus Prime from Toys R Us last year the here is another chance. Sort of. Takara is releasing the "Year of the Horse" version of MP Optimus Prime with clear trailer and Supreme Starscream but with small color modifications and faction symbols. In Prime's case the silver chrome is replaced with gold chrome. Not really sure what the change in faction symbols means. These same figures will be released stateside by Hasbro as part of the Platinum series and Thrilling 30 set of figures. The TRU price is $130 for Prime, $110 for Starscream. The estimated release date is February. Considering TRU has long been horrible about stocking these kind of exclusives, I recommend pre-ordering from who is charging $10 less for each. Even with S&H added, its basically the same price as TRU but more likely to get a copy for yourself.
G1 Autobots Alt Modes - Large image file that attempts to provide the original alt modes of G1 characters where possible. I can't vouch for accuracy as clueless on cars but still a cool image. Thanks to Feris O. for finding it.
Masterpiece Smokescreen - Gallery 1 | Gallery 2
MP-19 is out now for around $90. If the modes look familiar it should as same core body as MP-18 Bluestreak and MP-17 Prowl but with modifications to more closely match the G1 character.
Generations Deluxe - Wave 2 | Wave 3
Next two waves of Generations deluxes. So far I have seen some of wave 2 on store shelves (reviews below) but none of three. Wave 2 consists of Minicon Assault Team (a 3 piece minicon combiner), Scoop, Skywarp (repaint), and Armada Starscream. Wave 3 is Rattrap, Crosscut (repaint of Skids), and Tankor.
Kids Logic SD Metallic Optimus Prime - Gallery of a non-transforming action figure of Prime with light up eyes, Matrix, and various accessories. Guessing Japan only release, not sure when or the import price.
Transformers Paper-Craft - 10 custom papercraft toys based on Transformers Prime with pre-cut templates and instructions. Unknown release date for Barnes and Noble stores.
Voyager Whirl - New sort of triple-changer for the Generations line. Out sometime next year.
Transformers Go Optimus Prime - Official images of the triple-changer Prime from Takara's Go line. Alt modes are bullet train and dragon. No indicates yet of Hasbro importing the figure.

Pre-Transformers Photo Essay - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
Essentially a three part essay that gives you a look at the Generation One Transformers that were actually part of other toy lines and just re-packaged as TFs. Examples include Jetfire (still ticked I threw the accessories away for him), Whirl and more. The first link gives you an overview of these figures while the next two parts show you their initial, non-TF origins. It provides a great look at early 80s box and toy designs which in many cases is still better then what is done today. Just imagine those boxes filling an entire TRU toy aisle for about 15+ feet, on about five to six rows of toy shelves to get an idea of how many and how much shelf space they had compared to the tiny allotment they get today. The idea of a toy line getting an entire aisle is unheard of today. Wish I had pics.
Botcon 2014 - The location for the 2014 Botcon as been announced as Pasadena, California from June 19th to June 22nd at the Pasadena Convention Center. The location and time might encourage Michael Bay and the movies stars to show up as Transformers 4 will be coming out a week later. But don't hold your breath as Bay has shown up once (for his Hall of Fame ceremony) and the stars never have as no value in promoting a movie to people that will go see it no matter what. Still might get a chance at a sneak preview of the movie. As the only Hasbro licensed convention, it is one of the biggest with a large collection of voice actors from cartoons past showing up, Hasbro tends to introduce their upcoming plans, and of course the dealer room is a great chance to fill those collection gaps.
Gingerbread Optimus Prime - Only the one image but a cool one. Using around 700 pieces of gingerbread, Caroline Eriksson created this award winning gingerbread movie Optimus Prime to win a contest for a grand prize of $6,500.
Transformers: Fall of Cybertron "The Touch" Video - As part of the end credits for Fall of Cybertron, a shortened power mix of Stan Bush's The Touch played. Hit the link for the full version. Personally I prefer the original.
Transformers Statues - Seems Universal Studios Hollywood is selling a new line of statues at their part store. Thanks to Julez, below are images of Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Evac statues and head busts. No pic of 'Bee action post as apparently the display piece arrived broke. The price for the head busts are $500 each and $300 for the statues.

Video Reviews
TFC Toys Nemean - First of five figures that will form Ares, the not Predaking combiner from TFC toys. Out now for around $130. TFC Toys' previous combiners were not Superion and not Devastator so chances are this will be a nice addition.
TFC PS02 Nemesis Primars - An interesting third party toy. Very expensive ($70) for its tiny size but does look cool with the over sized Prime head on tiny body. The trailer acts as a flight pack for Generations Optimus Prime.
Masterpiece MP-19 Prowl - Since same mold as the previous two and they were awesome and faithful recreations of the G1 characters, no surprise this is the same. If money is tight, recommend getting at least one of the three. So far no news on a stateside release.
Takara THS-02 Hybrid Style G1 Optimus Prime - A re-issue of the detailed 4" Optimus Prime that was release about 5 or so years ago. For such a tiny figure, his details and articulation is outstanding. As the review points out, despite the beauty its hard to get past the crappy transformation sequence and just flat out ugly vehicle mode for Prime. Check out the review before deciding if worth the around $100 to buy.
KFC Mugan Vox - Keith's Fantasy Club's not Soundwave with not Ratbat. Its really a repaint of their previous not Perceptor figure that came out a few months ago. Out now for about $100 for both. Left link is the review, click here for gallery.
Generations Deluxe Wave 2 - Scoop | Minicon Assault Team | Armada Starscream
Generations Legends - Cosmos | Swerve
Add-Ons - for Generations Trailcutter and Hoist | for Generations Grimlock | for Masterpiece Prowl

Fansproject CA-13 Diesel - As mentioned above, the video review of this final not Stunticon (Motormaster) with a look at the final combiner. The previous four figures were great, so looking forward to finally being able to complete not Menasor.

Fansproject Function X-3 Smart Robin - Fansproject's version of G1 Headmaster Brainstorm. Third of their headmaster line and another clever transformation sequence (and why I think the best TFs currently are not coming from Hasbro or Takara). Out now for around $80.

Fansproject Glacierbots Razorspike - Another gestalt, this one is designed specifically to look like it came out of the 1980s with simplistic transformation, lack of detail and very limited articulation. The box has even been given a distressed look to make it seem like it was in storage for years before being found. Sadly these have all sold out and have not heard plans of a second run.

ToyWorld TW-T03 Trace - Everyone is doing combiners. However ToyWorld's is a bit original as it turns their remake of the G1 Throttlebots into a combiner. Not Chase is third of five robots that will merge to form something (no images yet on the combiner or last two robots). Considering the actual G1 Throttlebots has almost zero articulation and transformed only in the loosest sense of the world, that ToyWorld was able to create a line that is a very close homage is great. I have the three releases and do recommend the line. Average price is around $70.

Planet X Caelus - Review of not Fall of Cybertron Swoop release. From same company that made the huge not Fall of Cybertron Omega Supreme. Looks pretty sweet and nice companion to Generations Grimlock. Out now for around $80.

The Covenant of Primus - A look at a new book with a few display gimmicks that gets into the new history of the Transformers. Its currently on sale for around $60 on Amazon. Not sure how good the content itself is but the display packaging looks great.


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