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Linkfest - Introducing the Transformers

Time to play catch-up on Transformers non-movie news. A few treats this month with the main one being a great video that from the 1983 Tokyo Toy Fair that introduces to the world what would become the Transformers. On the upcoming third party front, the theme this year is once again combiners with various companies doing their own take on the Protectobots, Combaticons, and another Predaking. Hasbro and Takara have their own non-TF4 news with MP Wheeljack tease, MP Prowl coming stateside, and new Rescue Bots inspired Transformers cartoon coming. In G1 news there is an interview with the guy that killed Optimus Prime, toy design art, official release of Transformers: The Movie score and a new TF book. Finally on the review front lots of great new toys with Warden (IDW Fortrest Maximus), Year of the Horse Prime, Mania King (Galvatron), Bii and Intimidator being on my to buy list. Hit the links and vids to learn more.

1983 Tokyo Toy Fair Video - A substantial piece of Transformers history is now available on YouTube with an old video that shows off the Generation One Transformers for the very first time. Taken at the 1983 Tokyo Toy Show, this was when Hasbro saw the concept and introduced it in 1984 to US audiences. So basically this show and a simple booth launched multi-billion dollar franchise.

3rd Party Galleries
FansProject Warbot Revolver - A look at their next release as homage to G1 Roadbuster. Previous releases of this line had die-cast metal parts and cost around $100 so assume the same here. No idea on release date.
TFC Toys Phlogeus - Yep time to start up another not Predaking combiner called Ares with a not Predacon Rampage homage. This one from the same company that brought us not Devastator and not Superion. Since those two were excellent, very interested to see what they do here.
TFC Toys Gumball - Ares isn't their only combiner in the pipeline as they also plan a not Defensor combiner called Prometheus. The 1st not Protectobot in the pipeline is homage of Streetwise.
Warbotron Air Burst - Not tired of 3rd party combiners yet? Excellent cause here is another one. This one is an unofficial take on Bruticus and the Combaticons starting with not Blast Off.

Hasbro & Takara Galleries
30th Anniversary Mini-Figures Wave 1 - A look at 24 mini-figs from Goldie International based on TFs G1, TF Prime and first three movies. Coming in March, no idea on price.
Masterpiece Wheeljack Tease - A gray look at the prototype for Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack that is currently set for an August 2014 release. I guess that means all of the planned MPs are delayed, I guess not really surprising considering the volume of MP releases last year (usually its more like 2 a year, not 8 or so). There are other MPs coming but they are repaints or new production runs of previous releases.
New Transformers Cartoon Inspired by Rescue Bots - I think this was already confirmed at Botcon but TF:Prime executive producer Roberto Orci confirmed they are working on a new series. He was highly complimentary of Rescue Bots saying "a lot of what we learned from Rescue Bots we are now applying to our new Transformers series." So yep per rumors the new series is geared to the elementary school set. Fingers crossed they can pull off "all ages" but that is pretty rare.
Masterpiece Prowl US Bound? - A potential entry in a Toys R Us computer indicates that Masterpiece Prowl is heading stateside for around $60 (vs the $90 import price). No idea on release date and likely a TRU exclusive. If like past "exclusives" it will be also hit or miss on success of scoring one.
Transformers: Retribution - Now available is the prequel to Transformers: Prime animated series. As Prime and the Autobots search for the AllSpark, Megatron follows them to the planet of the Quintessons. An excerpt from the book can be found here.
Generations Legends - Swerve | Cosmos - Sweet looking take on the classic G1 characters. No idea on release date but definitely on my get list.

Writer That Killed Optimus Prime - At the link is an interesting interview with Ron Friedman, a writer on Transformers in the 80s. He also developed and wrote the script for Transformers: The Movie and so was one of the architects behind the death of Optimus Prime. In the interview he provides a bit of perspective on what drove the decision making at the time.
Transformers Toy Designs by Alexander Kubalsky - Hit the link to view a bunch of short vids and images that show off the work of Australian TakaraTomy TF designer. Some of his work included TF Animated Deluxe Bumblebee, Classic Mirage and Animated Blackarachnia. (via TFW2005)
Transformers: The Movie Score - Speaking of the movie, the Vince DiCola score for the movie is now officially available for the first time. The 25 track CD has a running time of 78 minutes for $19.99. You can buy it on Amazon or Intrada's website.
Marriage Proposal Optimus Prime - A Chinese man decided to create a unique way of proposing to his girlfriend. At the cost of around $10,000 in steel and iron and 10 months of work, he created a life-size version of movie Optimus Prime.

Video Reviews
Excellent Toys Ptolemy SD - A somewhat partsformer with oversized head that can look like IDW or G1 Optimus Prime. Looks cute but not sure worth $80.
Fansproject Megazero - One of the five Retro-Future combiners that combines five headmasters into Megalord. The retro comes not just from the 1980s style boxes but also its old school design and transformations. Over all pretty sweet. Sadly sold out but hopefully a 2nd production run for all five is coming.
Generations Voyager Whirl - Not sure when it will reach toy shelves but a look at this homage to the G1 toy and IDW comic favorite. Probably will get it whenever manage to stumble across it. Gallery here.
Pandora's Box Upgrade Set - An interesting set that bulks up the War for Cybertron Optimus Prime (or Ultra Magnus). The end result is not bad but probably pass on the $90 charge for it. Out in the next month or so.
Predaking Upgrade Kit - Another add-on set, this time for the G1 combiner that has been recently re-issued. It add a little bit more height, bulk and wing span to Predaking. No idea on price or when available.
Xovergen Trailer Force TF-01B and TF-01 - A 3rd party not Power Master Optimus Prime for regular and Nemesis version. A gallery can be found here.
Unique Toys UT-W04 Violence - Fourth of their not Predaking combiner, not Rampage is another update to his G1 counterpart. Out now for around $75.
X-Transbots Master Mini-Series Stax and Krank - Another G1 homage, this time for Huffer and Pipes. The result isn't bad as they act like a "Masterpiece" version of those tiny figures from yesteryear but at $60 each, hard to justify the purchase.
Year of the Horse Optimus Prime - A nice comparison of the new repaint of one of the best molds ever, Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime. The Toys R Us/Bigbadtoystore exclusive is not bad but the gold chrome takes some getting used too. If been missing out on this mold, might want to consider getting it.

Perfect Effect Warden - Sweet looking homage to the IDW version of Fortress Maximus. The tank mode is kind of ug, but the robot mode and head mode (for G1 Ultra Magnus) is pretty sweet. Its expensive at a price of $150 yet I really wants it. A gallery of images are here.

Unique Toys' Mania King - A homage to G1 Galvatron, this re-creates the movie villian with greater detail and articulation that looks fantastic. The laser alt-mode thing is still odd but the final result is still pretty sweet. Available now for around $115.

ToyWorld TW-03 Bii - Just what you assume, a very close re-creation of G1 cartoon version of Bumblebee. It seems the average price is around $70 but have yet to figure out where can get one or when available.

Fansproject Diesel and Intimidator - Long review that covers Diesel (aka Motormaster) and Intimidator (aka Menasaur). The not Stunticon project has been an excellent and personally a big fan of the final result. Intimidator is sweet and look good with much greater articulation and detail then you would expect for a combiner. Very expensive too as the average price for all five is around $400 but can't really say I am regretting the damage it did to my wallet. A gallery of the set can be found here.

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