Friday, June 27, 2014

Transformers 4 Thursday Night Box Office Results

Even though the movie has only been out for a day, already there are a few box office results to report. For its sneak preview Thursday night opening, the movie earned $8.8 million in the US which is less than Transformers: Dark of the Moon but don't read into that. In the last three years, midnight releases went from uncommon to very common to now being 8 to 9pm night before releases for almost every single movie that comes out (the exceptions are rare instead of vice versa). The only reason studios don't plaster a Thursday release date on their movies is it could lead to confusion for matinee goers in the US.

In China the movie reached a new record for Thursday midnight previews with $3.5 million start and in Russia had a $5.5 million start. In Taiwan its had that country's best opening day ever at $1.4 million. All total its first night take in 22 overseas markets was around $30 million. That doesn't seem like much but bowadays a movie's success isn't graded by US box office results alone. The last three films worldwide total came to around 35% from the US and the rest overseas so Paramount is probably paying more attention to international numbers than domestic ones. If Transformers 4 hits the around the same 35 US/70 Int ratio than it will probably easily surpass a billion dollars even if its sputters out quickly in the US (which seems likely).

The movie remains on track for around a $100 million opening in the United States but I have yet to read an estimate on its worldwide take for the weekend but based on the international numbers it sounds like it will land in the $170 million range. Not a bad opening weekend for a budgeted $200 million movie. As for why does this matter? For Transformers 5 of course. The less successful a movie is, the less money a studio tends to want to spend on a sequel. If TF4 lands big than they will spend equal or bigger on the next. Success in this case at least a $1 billion worldwide take before it leaves theaters with a preference for over $1.2 billion so it surpasses Dark of the Moon's total. The bigger the first weekend, the more likely Hasbro's and Paramount's goals for the movie will be met.


  1. the ending of the movie sets up t5 as a space adventure and rodimus primes entrance to the saga an a film set in space meens unicron and a return to cybertron.

  2. Wish you were right, Anonymous. Unfortunately it would be hard to screw-up the next film with a bunch of humans if it all takes place in space. Expect more garbage.

  3. It wont be Unicron that T5 is set up for. It's the Quintessons. In the movie, Lockdown kept referring to the creators to Prime and how they wanted their creations back. To bad they wont look like they did in G1 with Boom Boom Bay at the helm.

    1. true but the quintessons could have created the transformers to defeat unicron and lockdown could have been working for unicron because his ships tec looks like unicrons tec and that could be why he was doing what he was doing.


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