Thursday, June 19, 2014

Two New 15s TV Spots for Transformers 4

Here are two more TV spots to join the twenty others, each 15 seconds long. Thanks to Feris O. for the links.


  1. Seeing Ops fly like that reminds me of G1 , he used to always jump like that. Pretty awesome

  2. OK...either Galvatron is a minor character that will come into the later movies as the big bad...or this is the greatest cover up in TF movie history LOL...either way, this looks 'effing awesome so far !!! Looks like more character development as well; from the little we have seen so far ! But this whole " no sign of Galvatron" thing is very suspicious !!!

  3. prime is in.the air bigtime. Looks like
    A crazy scene.

  4. Theres a TV spot 23# now

  5. And a new clip, with the scene where cade says "I think we found a Transformer."

  6. Another new tv spot! Best quality I could find
    Transformers 4 'Quantum' TV Spot #23:
    -brad b


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