Friday, July 25, 2014

SDCC 2014: Hasbro Teases Robots in Disguise Cartoon, New Combiner Toys

Thursday was the official start of the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con. The yearly convention is nowadays used as a big old smorgasbord of movie and TV news but the comic book and toy side still gets a little of the spotlight. Hasbro was on hand and held their panel that picked up where Botcon 2014 left off. At the panel they introduced two new Generations combiners, teased the new Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon series along with a few toys and spoke about a few other things. Summary and links to the galleries are below along with the teaser video for the cartoon. All slides from the panel are here.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise
- No premiere date yet.
- Shown cast includes Bumblebee, Sideswipe, a silver Autobot (probably Drift) and tease of Optimus
- Has same "core creative team" from Transformers: Prime including animation studio Polygon Studios.
- Screenshots
- RID Toys: One Step Changers Sideswipe, Underbite (Decepticon) | Legion Strongarm (Elite Guard female bot), Optimus Prime | Warriers Bumblebee
- Teaser video below

- Revealed "Combiner Wars" (video below) with Stunticons and Arielbots
- Will be "Scramble City" style with limbs interchangeable and be used on other combiners
- Core will be a Voyager figure with 4 deluxe voyagers
- Stunticons: Voyager Motormaster | Deluxe Dragstrip, Dead End, Breakdown, Offroad (new name for Wildrider)
- Arielbots: Voyager Silverbolt | Deluxe Air Raid, Alpha Bravo (new name for Slingshot), Firefly, Skydive
- Technically Motormaster is a repaint of a new Voyager Optimus Prime mold, which means that Optimus can be the core figure to a combiner also.
- Deluxes will continue to come with an IDW comic book, including the combiners.
- Protectobots: Not a combiner but repaints. Evac Squad Blades (Revenge of the Fallen Evac) and Hot Spot (Generations Grappel) Emergency Response First Aid (repaint of Generations Ratchet), Streetwise (Beast Hunters Prowl) and Groove (Legion TF Prime Arcee). Pretty solid execution overall, especially for a set of repaints
- Hasbro Booth Gallery I | Booth II

- New Kre-Os: Can transform without requiring taking them apart
- Kre-O Gallery | Gallery II
- Prime 1 Studios Statues: Optimus Prime and Starscream
- The Loyal Subjects TF Vinyl Figures Booth


  1. This teaser looks promising. I hate how Sideswipe reminds me of TF Prime Knockout tho. And Fixit... damn THEY should FIX it! It looks horrible. I hope the silver bot is indeed Drift. We could get his whole story (from Con=>Bot) animated. Bee looks just how he should "bee" :) The best design award goes to Optimus. Can't wait to see the villains. Btw, nice blog.

    1. Pretty sure the silver bot is Strongarm....not drift.

    2. Yes, you are right. I was just blind to see her girl-like chest and lips. I must say Arcee looked better... ;-(

  2. Loooks like shit omg

    1. Good story trumps bad animation.


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