Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction Blu-Ray Release Date and Details

A bit of a news drought but finally some new to report. Several months ago several retailers released a look at their exclusive additions of Transformers: Age of Extinction for Blu-ray when it came out in theaters. What was missing was a release date and details on the special features of the release until now. The Blu-ray/DVD release date is September 30, 2014 with an early video on demand release of September 16 but note those usually do not include special features and cost the same $20 as the physical disc version which will also come with a digital download.

The movie will come in the usual configurations Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack (4 discs), Blu-ray Combo Pack (3 discs), and DVD (1-disc), with one these configurations being part of the exclusive versions for Amazon's Limited Edition Giftset with Grimlock and Optimus Statue, Target's Transforming Optimus Case, Wal-Mart's Transforming Bumblebee case, and Best-Buy's Steelbook case. Of note is the IMAX footage only comes with the 3D version of the movie. On regular HDTV's this means that for those few IMAX scenes the black bars along the top and bottom of the movie would temporarily disappear. Basically not worth it unless you already have the 3D TV and player setup to begin with.

No mention on length but the special features seem like a nice variety of behind the scenes information. Hopefully they focus more on show and tell with a whole lot less sales pitch for the film to those that are watching the feature because they already bought it as tends to be the habit with almost all special features (about only exceptions I can think of are the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit films). Full details below.

Special Features:
Bay On Action
In-depth interview with Michael Bay about his vision and approach to the film's mind-blowing action sequences.

Generation 2
A look at where the fourth film picks up as we meet new faces—both man and machine—and a Transformers world after the Battle of Chicago.

Drive Like Hell
Two entirely re-envisioned models of OPTIMUS PRIME and BUMBLEBEE appear in the film, along with an intimidating new nemesis, LOCKDOWN, as a Lamborghini Aventador plus other incredibly cool cars including a sophisticated Bugatti Veyron and a sleek Pagani Huayra. Check them out and see how actor Jack Reynor learned how to drive his Sonic rally car for the intense chase sequences.

Small Town, Big Movie
When Transformers rolls into some small Texas towns, the normally quiet and picturesque countryside is suddenly alight with explosive action. Explore the different locations with members of the show's art department and hear from robotics students whose designs appear as part of Cade's lab.

Shadow Protocol Activated
Follow the production to Detroit with unprecedented access to GM's Lansing plant and Milford Proving Grounds test track; watch an impressive indoor car chase created in an auto parts factory; return to Chicago where location managers discovered a historical movie theater that served as the backdrop for Cade's fateful first encounter with OPTIMUS PRIME; and finally travel to Washington state and the unlikely site of a never-used nuclear power plant.

The Last Stand
A vacant lot in downtown Detroit is turned into a square block of Hong Kong. Watch as it literally takes shape from the ground up—then marvel as the crew blows it up piece by piece.

The People's Republic
China plays an extremely prominent role in the film both on-screen and behind-the-scenes; in fact, four Chinese actors were chosen from thousands of applicants on a reality TV show to appear in the movie. In addition, the production traveled to Hong Kong, the beautiful valley of Wulong Karst National Park in Chongqing and the Great Wall in Beijing to capture breathtaking footage.

Rise of the DINOBOTS
Several new TRANSFORMERS characters make their live-action debut in this film. Get a brief history of the new recruits and then go inside Industrial Light & Magic to see how they were designed and conceptualized for the film.

The Finishing Touch
Watch Michael Bay work like you've never seen him before. The director connects virtually with his Santa Monica headquarters, visits the editing bay and then checks in on the visual effects house in San Francisco—all from the comfort of his Miami home office. Also, get an in-depth look at the music contributions of Imagine Dragons as they collaborate with the film's composer Steve Jablonsky. Finally, get exclusive red carpet access to the film's world premiere in Hong Kong.

Just Another Giant Effin' Movie
Discover the fun, frenetic and amazing way a movie like Transformers: Age of Extinction gets made.

A Spark of Design
Enjoy an exclusive look inside Hasbro's creation of TRANSFORMERS: Age of Extinction Stomp and Chomp Grimlock action figure from concept and development to sculpting and painting, and then ultimately to the assembly line.

T.J. Miller: Farm Hippie
Actor/comedian T.J. Miller never imagined he'd be part of a massively successful franchise like Transformers so he sets off to personally thank the people who made it possible. Come along as he visits Bay Films, gets some pointers from Kelsey Grammer, and even stops by Mark Wahlberg's house in this funny piece.

KRE-O TRANSFORMERS: Take Us Through the Movies!
OPTIMUS PRIME will bring you up to speed on all of the TRANSFORMERS movies one by one in this hilarious, animated short where the TRANSFORMERS KREON figures act out the movies while building and rebuilding each scene…brick by brick.

The Angry Birds TRANSFORMERS: Origin Story
Bonus content tells the origin story of how the EggSpark has landed on Piggy Island causing the eggs on the island to turn into evil Egg-bots, wreaking havoc across the whole island. The EggSpark has also caused the Birds and Pigs to turn into Autobots and Deceptihogs, who must team up in order to stop the Egg-bots before it's too late!

Press Release
Transformers 4 Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, and DVD Debuts September 30th

HOLLYWOOD, CALIF. (August 26, 2014) – From director Michael Bay and executive producer Steven Spielberg and in association with Hasbro, Inc., Paramount Pictures’ $1 billion worldwide blockbuster Transformers: Age of Extinction makes its highly-anticipated debut September 30, 2014 on Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, DVD and VOD. The film will be available to own two weeks earlier on Digital HD September 16, 2014.

The Transformers: Age of Extinction four-disc Blu-ray 3D Combo Pack and three-disc Blu-ray Combo Pack feature more than three hours of illuminating bonus content. From selecting fierce new cars and designing new TRANSFORMERS characters to constructing elaborately detailed sets, this comprehensive footage truly takes viewers inside the fun, hard work and excitement of making an electrifying global blockbuster film.

The spectacular Combo Packs also include an in-depth interview with Michael Bay about his approach to the film’s jaw-dropping action sequences, a crash course on the “Bayhem” of being on set for the massive, global production, a revealing look at the design process inside Hasbro Headquarters, and more. Plus there’s even more than meets the eye with the hilarious TRANSFORMERS KREON trailer where KREON figures take you through all of the blockbuster TRANSFORMERS movies. In addition, the Combo Packs include a brand new Angry Bird TRANSFORMERS trailer where birds and pigs turn into Autobots and Deceptihogs, creating havoc on Piggy Island.

The Blu-ray 3D includes expanded images as seen in IMAX™ theaters.


  1. Some tells 30 September some 30 December and some 30 November for a god sake guys . Transformers might be over 4 months at the cinemas if Paramount and co wants to raise even more money in the box office and be competitive !!! Only 3 months at the theaters ? give me a break !!!! Avatar was over 8 months there and was a cartoon in front of Transformers movies !

  2. Wow, chill pill dude, I like that they release transformers blurays so quick, has nothing to do with how long it's in theaters they are getting it out before Halloween takes over people's wallets, besides the movie isn't that great, as a fan though I have to have it, the transformers cgi carries the weight of the movie

  3. I'll get the bluray but man the human element well the good guy human element is terrible in this one, there annoying an out of work evicted flat broke father with a teenage daughter he's supposed to be taken care of, horrible character

  4. What about the autobots, creepy personalities not showing any unity just arguing and threatening each other all day, disappearing when prime fights Galvatron, then prime just leaves minutes after the battle,by by autobots, your free giant dinobots... Go Run wild on a strange planet with no supervisor or allies, that's the high grossing crap movie of all time

  5. Terrible movie ? Really ? Do you think that someone else might do this better ? I don't think so as for the writer ONLY yes is a bit terrible ! NOT the director . The movie now is at 1,065 Billion . If it was terrible but it isn't t how gaining tons of money in the box Office ? Movie of the year i believe :)

    1. For all of you that doesn't think the director is responsible for the script HE IS MORE RESPONSIBLE THAN THE WRITER HIMSELF, there's a thing called chain of command created 1000s of years ago, in the simplest example I can make, the DIRECTOR is like the contractor on a construction site, he is responsible for each trades performance good or bad. It's amazing how many people I see blaming the writer not the director, it's BOTH of them. WAIT here it is even Simpler, the writer is paid to write a story, the director is paid to direct the story.

    2. @ 2:35

      You said it yourself. Paid to direct. He is to interpret the script he is given. There are only a few rare occasions where a director writes the script. As we know this is not one of them. The whole director/writer debate is old and played out. If you don't like the movie then you can only blame yourself. It's not like he hasn't done three previous movies already so you already know what to expect.

    3. Hey @ 2:35, stop thinking of Michael Bay like contractor on a construction site, you should understand that there are multiple models to make movies in Hollywood. Certainly Cameron and Lucas are writers/directors and in those cases, they are somewhat similar to a contractor in a construction site. However, there are other models in wich a director is brought in to direct whatever the client wants to, in this case that client is Hasbro and they have an agenda of their own. George Lucas himself brough Irvin Kirshner and Richard Marquand to direct whatever they he wanted in episodes 5 and 6. Do you think Kirshner and Marquand would have said to Lucas say "What the f&$k is this?" when they found something they didn't like? of course not because they were hired to do that and Lucas was the boss. Do a little reasearch and you will find what you are saying is not the only model of making movies.

    4. Riiiiiiiiiight, and yes they would have said what the f$&k is this if it was that bad, they probably did, they are paid to D I R E C T, not point a camera, that the CAMERA MAN, it's 8th grade research

    5. You should probably do the research then. Direct doesn't mean in charge of all aspects.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. They must change screen writer and put a new storyteller NOT director but if there will be another one Transformers will prevail as always with Michael Bay or not !

  8. As for the new and more terrible HobbitThanTransformers movie will lose . I don't believe that will make it better than Transformers 4 in States nor China's 301 millions so this is the movie of the year like it or not and it is only the begining :)

  9. I like how the internet is saying Walberg may leave if Bay doesn't return, Walberg will probably be gone anyway cause bay made his character an immature idiotic worst father ever, btw 2:01pm shitty story is directors fault too, directors supposed to read that story and say what the f&$k is this your fired, that's like saying the store managers not responsible.... For the store

    1. You know the studio is the one that approves the script and decides who's hired,right? The director,seriously? Nope. Not a chance.

    2. The studio is a facility not a person, yes the director, the point was made pretty clear in the previous comments. But we can blame the building too if you want.

    3. And who runs the studio? People! Wow that's quite the concept,eh? Everything has to go through them for approval.

  10. Hey maybe the special features will fill all the holes in the movie, then let us piece it together like a puzzle

  11. Fuck all you who think this movie was shit

    1. .....fuck u 2, the movie was shit, and I'm a huge Transformers fan, which makes it 10x worse

  12. Hopefully in Transformers 5 Ultra Magnus could be introduced he can take optimus prime place.since he's traveling space in search of the creator's. Then Ultra Magnus can arrive with other G1 autobots like prawl and blaster then other G1 autobots can be introduced throughout the last two films.Hopefully we also get autobot city!!!

  13. ThisTransformers movie was excellent for fans or not fans . It is by far movie of the year and it will be stay there even with Hobbit that is a real rubbish . Let them keep hating . Every time haters eating their hats ;)

  14. i like your post. i wait the update

  15. So i am not a blind anyway . A china executive from SONY pictures said that TF4 story was not so good . I believe it unfortunately but more slightly as hardcore TF fan . Yes was not rich but i believe that this TF4 movie was the prologue of the many to come it was not good but many movies were worst than Transformers this year . So they must change the writer i agree the story was not rich enough a little bit of mesh ... ... anyway the movie i believe will pass TF3 at least 140 Millions more in China was enough by now for this new chapter of a new trilogy . It will be sily though or unexceptable if TF4 will not pass TF3 at least at international box office . So far i believe that Hobbit 3 will eat dust from TF4 and TF4 will be forever the movie of the year at the international box office of 2014 ....well the movie was excellent ...the story was not big if not bigger than TF3 but TF4 opens so many possibilities and so on !!!! Let's rock for a much better TF5 performance then !!!!

  16. But Sony's Amazing Spiderman was nothing but amazing and as it sounds so SONY executive said that Spiderman will hit the Billion but Spiderman hit not above 700 millions . So SONY to be as good as Paramount will take if not forever AGES !

  17. SO...let me get this straight... in order to get the IMAX version I have to buy the 3d VERSION!?!?!?! I was going to get the BB exclusive Steelbook. Like I said in a previous post, Bay did a shit job shooting scenes in IMAX as he did not know how to properly utilize the camera to it's full potential...example why the hell do we need an IMAX shot of autobots talking with a canyon in the background?

  18. Explain : Can you make a better Transformers movie than Bay ? Let as know :) Movie of the year with shit scenes as you told ? I do not think so . Cool down !


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