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Linkfest - Dinobots and Combiners Oh My

It has been a months since did my last linkfest and its shows with an epic ton of video reviews for upcoming figures from Hasbro's Combiner Wars line and all the third party figures. Below are a bunch of reviews for the first wave for the Combiner Wars with an occasional look at an incomplete combiner as Hasbro chose to swap a Stunticon with an Arialbot for each wave to emphasize their ability to swap to create "new" combined robots. Also a look at the first wave of Robots in Disguise toys along with Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and Bumblebee.

For third party reviews the theme is the Dinobots with four lines coming this year. Two of them are Masterpiece scaled figures from Fanstoys while Planet X's are based on War for Cyberton, and one is regular scaled release (from Fansproject) while last is a combiner (from Toyworld). Hopefully the reviews below will help in deciding which of the four to commit to. The 3rd party pattern remains combiners. Other than the Dinobots there are currently takes on the Terrorcons, Combaticons, Technobots and Protectobots. Before the reviews here are links to some upcoming releases, two 80s Transformers videos, and an update on Transformers: Robots in Disguise cartoon series.

Update: Added this reveal of Combiner Wars Devastator. No real deal details except that he may follow the G1 version with six characters merging and come complete as a collection rather than sold individually. Hopefully more will be revealed at the New York Toy Fair that starts Feb 2.

ToyWorld Devilstar - After an ok star in 2013, ToyWorld started to hit its stride in '14 but I suspect that it will be '15 when they make the climb to the top of the 3rd party heap. This not-Astrotrain triplechanger is an example of why as this looks like it just might become the must have figure of the year. The alt modes are spectacular looking but more impressive is how they do nothing to hint at the other. Looking at the train does little to make you think "ah there is the shuttle" and vice versa. The figure is supposed to be released in the next month or so for $115.

Planet X PX-04 Summanus - A gallery of pics for not Snarl, the third release from their MP scaled War for Cybertron line (review for not Sludge below). Not price or release date yet.

Prime 1 Studios: Bumblebee | Brawl Bust - Hit the links for two galleries. The first is a look at the full figure statue of movie Bumblebee that will be released with a 1000 run regular edition and 500 run exclusive edition. No release date or price but expect it to cost over a grand. The other link is a tease of first movie Brawl with no details yet.

Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Soundwave - It looks like the Masterpiece Soundwave and cassettes are getting another stateside release with a clear and gold design scheme that works better then would think. No release date for this Platinum Edition release but safe to assume it will be a Toys R Us exclusive.

Masterpiece MP-21G G2 Bumblebee - Same mold as the just released 'Bee (review below) but in shiny G2 colors and head sculpt. Instead of coming with Spike he comes with a jet pack based on one of the animated episodes.

1984 Tour of Marvel Production - Below is an interesting video found by that shows a brief tour of Marvel Productions by Transformers cartoon story editor Bryce Malek while working on the first two seasons of the series. Nothing major is seen but its a nice little look at one of the places where the franchise was born.

Transformers: The Animated Movie Promo Clips - Another walk down memory lane with a 20 minute video that shows early animation from the 1986 movie, toy commercials and more. (via TFormers)

Transformers: Robots In Disguise Cartoon
Character and Cast List - Hit link for list of characters that will appear in the series along with who is doing their voices that includes Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime), Will Friedle (Bumblebee), David Kaye (Hammerstrike) and bunch of others

Jeff Kline Interview - A chat with Executive Producer of Transformers: Prime, Rescue Bots and RID as he looks back at the last five years of work that concluded in December with the 26 season episode season 1 (season 2 currently in production). Sadly still no release date for the series. Part 2 of the interview is not currently available.

Screenshots - A sizeable gallery of screenshots that gives you a look at the designs and look of the series. (via Seibertron)

Hasbro & Takara Video Reviews
Combiner Wars Deluxe: Alpha Bravo | Dragstrip | Firefly | Skydive - A look at the first wave of combiner limbs that mostly form Superion with a start on Menasor. Over all if you are a fan of the Generations line then the Combiner Wars line will be a great addition to the collection.

Combiner Wars Voyager: Silverbolt | Optimus Prime - Both act as the torso figure for any combiner. The result is a rather unique take for Optimus Prime.

Combiner Wars Legends: Powerglide - This is partially just a regular legends figure but it has a semi-third mode as trigger master for the Superion.

Generations Legends: Bombshell | Thundercracker | Windcharger - Not really part of the Combiners Wars line, with Thundercracker nad Windcharger being repaints of previously released figures.

Robots in Disguise Legion: Bumblebee | Steeljaw | Optimus Prime - Legion is just a new name for the Legends class line that Hasbro has been using for the last five or so years. Of note is the (ugly) circle faction logos that apparently have some kind of built in gimmick that may or may not be usable with future apps.

Robots in Disguise Warrior: Bumblebee | Grimlock | Steeljaw | Strongarm | Optimus Prime - More figures from the cartoon toy line. Warrior class is the replacement name for the Deluxe class.

Takara Mega Drive Megatron - An officially licensed project that gives Megatron an alt mode of the 80s Sega Mega Drive. An other release with the Genesis is in the pipeline along with Optimus Prime as PS1 alt mode.

Masterpiece MP-21 Bumblebee - Out now is this official take on 'Bee that is a homage the G1 character with a more modern Volkswagon. The figure is out now for around $80 and a great add to any MP collection. So far there isn't news of a stateside release but I would shocked if something isn't in the works.

Masterpiece MP-22 Ultra Magnus - Once again another fantastic figure from Takara that tries to remain as faithful as possible to the Transformers: The Animated movie version of Magnus including a cab that looks just like Prime but white. Again a great addition to any collection if willing to pay the $190 price tag. Other reviews here and here.

3rd Party Video Reviews
Not Predaking Comparison Review - Its Mastermind Creations Feral Rex vs Unique Toys Warlord vs TFC Toys Ares in this video that compares the three not Predaking combiners released last year. Personally I want the MMC version but sadly I can't seem to find all of them for sale.

AoFeng Toys Titanium Saint - A 3rd party not Vector Sigma toy with Cybertronia jet alt mode.

DX9 War in Pocket Speedoo & Guartinel - Legend scaled 3rd party figures of not Blurr and not Ironhide that are pretty good but at the $45 price tag hard to justify.

Mastermind Creations Azalea - Their take on not Arcee with an interesting alt mode with I think around 4 repaints. I got the figure and while not a gigantic fan of the jet/hover car alt mode, the robot mode is pretty sweet. Available now for around $60.

Mastermind Creations R-01C Terminus Hexatron - This is a re-release of the not Sixshot figure that MMC released over a year ago but with some mold and paint tweaks that the review goes over. To me the changes are not enough to rebuy the figure but if you don't have the mold it might be worth considering. Out now for around $140.

Microblaze Creations Bruticus Upgrade - This set includes a new mold for not Onslaught, improved weapons, feet and other tidbits that greatly improves the combined mode of the Combaticons. Out now for $120.

PE-DX03EW Warden Upgrade - A review of Perfect Effects upgrade kit for their Warden figure released over a year ago (and a pretty sweet figure on its on). It adds boots for height and a IDW inspired gun for $35. Its kind of a stupid buy but my love of the Warden robot makes me really tempted to get it.

Planet X Neptune - A look at Masterpiece scaled not Sludge that is pretty good looking. Out now for $103.

ToyWorld Muddy - This is the second of five combiners. A solid Dinobot in its own right, I am curious to know how the combined mode is going to work out. Available now for around $100.

Unique Toys Alberich - Not Rippersnapper is the second of five not Terrorcons that will be released this year that will combine to form Ardin aka Abominus. Out now for $85. Additional takes here and here.

Warbotron Turbo Ejector - Not Afterburner is the first of five figures for this not Computron combiner. Out now for $96.

TFC Toys Prometheus: Hydrant | Redcross - These are two additions to the Prometheus aka not Defensor with one more to go. Not Hot Spot is the torso figure so larger and costs $140 while not First Aid is $95.

ToyWorld Infinitor - This is essentially a voyager scaled version of G1 Fortress Maximus with some mold tweaks. This tiny version retains most of the design decisions of the G1 toy but with greater detail and articulation. Available now for $115.

DX9 Invisible - A pretty sweet Masterpiece scaled version of not Mirage that does a nice balance between the animated and toy version of the figure. There is also an alt version that is made from blue clearish plastic that I guess is based on Mirage's ability to go invisible. Another review here.

Fansproject LER-02 Cubrar - A review of the not Slag that is the next release in Fansproject's line of Dinobot figures that are pretty damn sweet. The cost is around $105 and available now.

Fansproject Master V (Madlaw) - A 3rd party six-changer based G1's Quickswitch. The review is based on a not quite final version of the mold but the result does look pretty darn good. Probably adding this one to my wish list for when its released sometime in the next month or so for $103.

FansToys FT05 Soar - Yep another Dinobot line and this is the 2nd of a Dinobot Masterpiece line. This take on not-Swoop comes with a stand and is pretty faithful re-creation of the character. There is two version, one is with the animated blue chest plate and color while the other has the red chest for the G1 toy. Additional reviews here and here.

KFC Transistor - This is a review of just released Masterpiece scaled not Blaster that is designed to fit alongside Masterpiece Soundwave. This seems like an excellent addition to anyone collecting Masterpiece scaled figures but it does suffer from paint job suffered quality controls issues with all reviewers noticing problems with paint flaking. At a price of $145 its a problem that is hard to ignore. On bright side KFC has yet to create a mold it doesn't reuse at three or more times so chances are a remold (with hopefully improved paint job) will be released at sometime in the future. Additional reviews here and here.

Maketoys Utopia - A take, that much like his inspiration G1 Metroplex, looks awesome in robot mode and has the "meh" alt mode of city mode and battlecruiser mode. Its not the fault of the excellently made toy that improves on the G1 toy in every way and one G1 fans should probably consider getting, its just an accepted weakness of who the character is. The cost is $400 and available now.

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  1. I really love Ultra Magnus Masterpiece, but it's too much expensive...150 € for Italy. I save money for Tracks and Ironhide.


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