Thursday, March 05, 2015

Free Digital Copy of Transformers 1 from Google Play

For probably today only (3-5-15), Google Play is offering a free digital copy of the first Transformers movie from the Google Play store. To redeem you will need a Google/Gmail account and either a credit card or Pay Pal account tied into the account. However, nothing is charged. The idea is probably to encourage those that have not done that will go ahead and add a payment record of some kind to facilitate future impulse buying. Personally I recommend doing it anyway because every few months Google Play offers a free movie and about once a month a free album. Any case click here to add Transformers to your Google Play digital collection.


  1. Cool, It still works, Managed to get it for free, Even though I already own the Blu-Ray.

  2. Run All Night
    Download full HD movie Link:

  3. I think I missed it but I'm not sure. Can I still get it for free?


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