Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Kids React to G1 Transformers

Below is an amusing video that has pre-teens react to the opening of the 1980s Transformers cartoon series and a few images from the G1 era compared to the "Bayformers" version. Of note is almost none of them knew the Transformers existed before the movies and because of that most had a preference for the movie designs.


  1. Ah yes, back when Transformers was a.) about the robots (with barely any human characters), b.) about developing the character of each individual robot, and c.) about having actual reasons behind a battle (instead of explosions and fights for no reason).

    There is more character development and story arc in any one of those 30 minute episodes (20 some minutes of actual run time) than there is in all 4 Bay movies combined.

    On top of everything else, and perhaps my biggest peeve about the Bay movies, is that the character of Optimus Prime has been so corrupted by Bay, that he is barely even recognizable. The Prime from those cartoons, would never have uttered anything remotely close to: "Oops! My bad", "We will KILL THEM ALL!", "I'll KILL YOU!", and on and on.

    And don't try to tell me "It's a popcorn movie, you're not supposed to think! Just sit back and enjoy it" either, because that is idiotic and a cop-out. Where is it written that an action movie cannot have good character development and a decent story (i.e. ALL of the Marvel movies)? The people that say this, would defend Bay even if he showed someone's ass on screen, farting for 3 straight hours, and then at the end, it pooped out a transformer. Bay would call it: Transformers Dark of the "Moon" 2. It would make a gazillion dollars, because these fans would all flock to it and call it a "popcorn movie".

    I'm sorry, but I gave Bay 4 movies to get it right, and each entry was worse than the last, so I am done paying him to continue to churn out these stink bombs.

  2. I can agree with some of what you say. Still nonetheless,while not a Bay fanboy,I still have to argue that all of you keep repeatedly getting it wrong. Bay does not write the movies. His job is to direct the script he is given The amount of story telling he gets to write in it is very minimal. I repeat. Bay did not write the movies! Blame the writers but you can't blame Bay for it. Why is this so hard to understand? Is it because his name is the one on the movie so you naturally want to pin it on him? I really truly do not understand why this is such a hard concept to understand.

    I will though agree that 4 movies and there wasn't any real development. Although,I did like the closeness that Shia and Bumblebee had in the first movie.

    I am so tired of hearing "well 4 movies and I'm not going to see anymore" Guess what? That was also said in the 2nd and the 3rd. You can bet your ass you'll have your ticket for the next one and don't sit there any try to say you won't. You'll be in line just like the rest of us that weren't huge fans of them.

    You really can't have a comparison with the Marvel movies. They had the benefit of being able to make movies about each individual character. Plenty of time to flesh out the characters compared to Transformers which basically has to be a group movie. Also,when was the last time you watched the cartoons? I love them but honestly (having watched them recently) they were pretty cheesy and their characters were developed amongst a long series of cartoons instead of each and every 30 minute episode. There was some character development in the movies (while not much) but unfortunately when you have several characters to get to know in 21/2 hours your just not going to get much. That's what you fail to understand and that's why these people are telling you it's just a popcorn flick. Do we wish there was more? Absolutely. However,without the financial and time to do so I just don't think it's possible to do stand alone movies for the characters which is what it would take to get to know them outside of the groups they are in.

  3. Agreed with 1:23. If they fleshed out the characters during the movie there wouldn't be a whole lot of time to set the movie up. We would basically get to go "Optimus is one badass dude and I love his outlook on things...wait...what is this movie about?"

    We know there isn't a lot of character development that gets to happen. We know that long time Transformers fans aren't happy with the way some of the bots are portrayed. We know that people like to blame Bay because they are retarded. We know that people feel like the movies are sub-par. However,we also know that no one else is doing it any better. There is now a new writing staff. With the appropriate writers and if Bay is on board the Transformers brand could turn around in a big way.

    So quit crying and just accept your going to see it regardless. Let's be honest about it. If you hate it then you have something else to cry about on internet forums. If you love it well then you have to acknowledge that Bay wasn't the problem and you finally had a good Transformers movie. It's a win for you either way. So go ahead and prepare to open your wallet to another movie.


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