Thursday, August 20, 2015

Splatoon Getting Transformers Themed Splatfest

Hasbro and Nintendo has joined forces for a Transformers themed Splatfest in the recently released WiiU game Splatoon. The Splatfest will run 24 hours from August 28 9PM PDT (midnight ET) to August 29 9PM PDT (midnight ET). I don't think participants will get anything permanent out of playing the splatfest to carry over in future games (except Super Sea Snails for purchasing upgrades) but during the 24 hour period players will get to join either the Decepticon or Autobot side. Once chosen your character will get a T-shirt with chosen faction symbol and ink to splat everywhere. For those that already have the game this is probably good news and for those that don't it probably doesn't mean much. I have the game but yet to have time to play it so sadly unable to provide any info but ratings on the game are consistently good. More pics with the TF theme from the game is here. And nope no Transformers movie news.

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