Monday, October 12, 2015

Titan Wars, All Hail Optimus Announced at NYCC '15

At this weekend's New York Comic Con (NYCC), Hasbro and IDW were on hand to reveal their 2016 plans for Transformers. The key portions include what they are calling the "Prime Wars Trilogy" with part one being the Combiner Wars. Part two of the trilogy is the Titan Return that will be told in the comic books, video games, a Machinima web-based cartoon series and new toy line starting Summer 2016. As for that toy line, it will introduce the return of the TargetMasters and HeadMasters (and maybe eventually the Powermasters). This new group will collectively be called "Titan Masters". For those not familiar with G1 terms, think of these "Masters" as Mini-Cons whose alt modes are a robot head, weapon or transformation trigger. More interesting is the Masters will also be sold separately so if don't like Galvatron's headmaster (yep), you can find one you might instead. IDW also revealed the first story for Titans Return with "All Hail Optimus" were Prime "annexes planet Earth to become part of Cybertron's Council of Worlds - he takes control of Earth to protect it from invasion." Below are a few further details and galleries to the wave one toys for Titan Masters and RID season 2.

Wave 1 2016 Toy Images
Titan Masters: Terribull, Nightbeat, Crashbash, Loudmouth
Deluxe: headmaster Hardhead with Duros and headmaster Skullcruncher with Grax
Voyager: headmaster Galvatron with Titan Master head
Leader: headmaster Blaster | Sentinel Prime (triple changer)
Legends: Remind, Stripes (triple changers, tape mode compatible with Blaster)
Robots in Disguise
Warrior: Fracture, Megatronus, Arctic Camo Optimus Prime, Drift, Thunderhoof, Quillfire, Night Strike Bumblebee, Windstrike, Minicon Blu
Legion: Blizzard Strike Optimus Prime, Ratchet

- RID Floor Galleries: Seibertron I | Seibertron II | TFW2005

- Titans Return Floor Galleries: Sentinel Prime | Seibertron I | Seibertron II | TFW2005 I | TFW2005 II | TFormers I | TFormers II | TFormers III

- Video Demo:

IDW Transformers Comics
- Transformers #50 kicks off Titans Return with the start of "All Hail Optimus"
- All Hail Optimus Interview: Optimus takes advantage of the cult-like following he has from the Cybertronian colonies as the "True Prime" to annex Earth. He is doing it with good intentions but as the saying goes... Victorion, new female characer Aileron and Alpha Trion will play roles in the storyline. Due to the All Hail Megatron story (Megs conquers Earth), humanity isn't going to embrace the new status quo.
- Transformers Holiday Special planned, no release date but will include how Thundercracker and Buster (think his dog) save Christmas.
Prime Wars Trailer

Machinima Combiner Wars Cartoon
- Have one rule: Combiners must fight each other
- Intend to use adult animation and cartoon is for the older audience not children
- Windblade will be in the cartoon, described as "pure badass"
- Panelists also said "There's stakes, there's consequences, and nobody is safe." and ""A story never done in children's animation."
- No release date so probably summer 2016 like the rest of the Titans Return comics and toys.
- Video from the panel:

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