Monday, November 16, 2015

Transformers 5 Temp Logo and Transformers: Micronauts Revealed

At Monday's Hasbro Investor Day, a few tidbits was revealed by CEO Brian Goldner in regards to Transformers. The main takeaway, as the graph shows (purposely dropping the last 3 000s for space reasons), is TFs are selling well but does rely heavily on the movies for boosts in numbers and a cartoon series in non-movie years. Still sales or more than double what they were in 2005 when Hasbro paid far less attention to Transformers. If look in the bottom right you will also see Hasbro's temporary logo for Transformers 5 that will likely be jazzed into a final version once the movie begins pre-production sometime in early 2016.

Nothing newsworthy was mentioned about Transformers 5 but they did share that China will be getting a Kre-O Armor Hero line that currently isn't coming stateside. Of greater interest is the 1980s Micronauts are returning as Transformers: Micronauts. Exactly how and when this merge of two lines will happen was not explained. Hasbro will also continue to provide fans with opportunities to impact the line like they have done the last two years with Generations Windblade and Combiner Wars Victorian. So in short TF is doing just fine. You can find the full slide show from the day at TFW2005.

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