Saturday, February 27, 2016

Transformers 5 Officially Filming in Detroit

With the assist of $21 million in tax incentives from Michigan, Paramount has agreed to film "major portions" of Transformers 5 in Detroit. It is estimated $80 million will be used to film the movie (so my rough guesstimate means about 70% or so the movie will be filmed there) that will including hiring around 450 Michigan residents (for essentially part time work) and 700 extras.
“Michigan has been so welcoming of Michael Bay and the ‘Transformers’ movies over the years and we are thrilled to be returning for this next incredible installment,” said Lee Rosenthal, president of physical production at Paramount Pictures.

“Having one of the highest-profile film franchises created in Michigan is a major economic boost and a testament to the talent of the state’s production community,” said Jenell Leonard, commissioner of the Michigan Film & Digital Media Office. “The production and economic investment is now happening sooner rather than later, and obviously, the project is a certainty rather than merely a possibility.”
According to Deadline, Michigan ended the film incentive program in July 2015 but Paramount was already approved for $42 million tax refunds for "Looking for Alaska" and "Beverly Hills Cop IV" which the studio is no longer planning on making. The remaining $21 million goes back to the state. TF5 is slated for release on June 23, 2017 so I suspect Michael Bay will start filming sometime around May.


  1. I was so hyped when I heard this. I can't wait to go watch them film again. I'll be keeping my eye out downtown for set construction, which should start soon if it follows the same timeline as TF4.

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