Thursday, April 28, 2016

Transformers 5 Heading To the Czech Republic?

The website is reporting that Transformers 5 may film in the Czech Republic. While unnamed, supposedly producers for the film were seen location scouting. The country provides a 20% tax rebate so the idea isn't as absurd as you might think considering London's 25% tax rebate and transferring a Detroit tax rebate is a primary reason those two cities were chosen for film production. This comes with usual grain of salt warning, emphasized by the out of nowhere made up title the site gives for the film as "Transformers 5: Rise of Unicron". Don't get excited. That will never be the title even if Unicron were in the film (he isn't). Using that name in the title is only fan service and does nothing to sell the film for the many movie goers that would simply go "who? what? huh?". (via TFW005)


  1. The working title could be Rise of Unicron.

  2. How do you know for certain Unicron isn't in Part 5? Do you have an inside track? Wonder how the Czech Republic will play into the plot-probably some artifact that the TFs left on Earth in ancient times. We'll see next year.


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