Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Josh Duhamel Joins Transformers: The Last Knight; Tyrese Too?

Lieutenant Colonel Lennox returns for Transformers: The Last Knight as the TF Facebook account and Michael Bay welcomed Josh Duhamel to the movie. Meanwhile on Bay's Instagram account he teased the possible return of Tyrese Gibson. The pair were last seen in Dark of the Moon and were not in Age of Extinction. Last below is the teaser vid that was used to reveal the official name of the movie in case didn't see it yesterday.


  1. That could make for an interesting storyline.

    1. right?both he and Marky mark kicking ass!

  2. Yeah, that's awesome good news, Lennox is back! Could indeed make for an interesting stroyline, Lennox was also one of the best human characters in the franchise.


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