Wednesday, June 22, 2016

TF5 Pics From Packard Plant Set

Transformers: The Last Knight is currently filming at Detroit's Old Packard Plant. Thanks to MLive (mirrored at TFW2005) you can find set pictures that is described as:
“An array of giant metallic contraptions have landed at the long-vacant Packard Plant as preparations are being made for the filming of the next “Transformers” movie.

Among the crumbling concrete of the sprawling former Detroit automotive plant, scenes for the fifth Transformers movie, staring Mark Wahlberg, are beginning to take shape.

Two Chicago Transit Authority trains are positioned as if they careened off their artificial rail lines, and giant gears and machinery lie in pieces around the set.”
This does seem to indicate that the story returns to Chicago to deal further with the aftermath of Megatron's invasion attempt.

In addition, J Barton has provided more pics (below) from another Detroit location being prepped for the film. Based on the signage, the area of Washington Blvd will be used to film for TF5.

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