Monday, September 26, 2016

Hopkins Compliments Bay; TF5 At Buckingham Palace

It seems Transformers: The Last Knight is finished filming their Nazi scenes as production moved to the "driveway" of Buckingham Palace as the Lamborgini shot down it at 90MPH. Filming also includes shots of 'Bee at the Palace and possibly Barricade chasing him. More pictures from the set can be found here.

In addition Sir Anthony Hopkins answer the question "what is it like working on Transformers?" in a Facebook video.
"To date, it has been one of the best experiences I've had on a film in many, many years. Since Spielberg and Olive Stone... Working with Michael Bay is quite an experience because he has the whole film up there [point at his head]. Makes life for me anyway easy. He says stand there, I stand there. I just go along with it because I know he is in command of the whole ship. Directors are certain like Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Kenneth Branagh, Michael Bay... they are the best. There's no political correctness. They don't take time. They just 'Let's do it.' I love that. Because I'm like that. I don't like wasting time either. all you Transformers fans, all you kids. Enjoy. I'll be back. Mark my words."


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