Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Steve Jablonsky Returns for Transformers 5 Score

After composing the score for four Transformers films, there was little doubt that Steve Jablonsky was asked to return for Transformers: The Last Knight. Now have official confirmation via a tweet from the composer where he wrote "Shhhh.....secret folder. More later...." with screenshot of a folder labeled "TF5 Theme Ideas".


  1. The best Transformers scores by Jablonsky so far have been that of the first movie and the second movie.
    I really hope Transformers 5 score is going to be better than all previous ones.
    Also along with the CD of Jablonsky score they should make a CD with all songs like they did with the first two movies.

  2. the third and forth movie compose was so wrong...etc like sone of climatic action scenes, you just cannot use music without any action sound on it..just fail

    1. For Transformers and Transformers2 Jablonsky managed to make something unique and epic. For the third and fourth movie he just re-used his previous work instead of creating something new and better than before.
      Indeed it is not easy to create something unique everytime but still Jablonsky can do it and the score for the first two movies is proof of that. I just hope he manages to do the magic once again for Transformers5.


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