Friday, September 23, 2016

Walhberg: Cool New Mini-Dinobots

In a live Facebook post early this morning, Mark Wahlberg spoke about his movie Deepwater Horizon that was released today. From that he received fan questions. One of the questions let to the below response:
I will be in Transformers 5. We are shooting in London. I am actually in New York City. I am doing some press for Deep Water Horizon. Then I am flying back to London to finish up the last couple weeks on Transformers 5. Its a cool new story. Its kind of like a man on the run. Sir Anthony Hopkins is also in the film. Got a cool new cast. And cool new robots. Cool new villains. And some cool new Dinobots. You guys are really gonna go crazy for the mini-Dinobots.
So there you go - mini-dinobots. From a budget perspective that should save a lot of money since giant rampaging Dinobots was probably very expensive to film in Age of Extinction. Have to see how they are executed on film before can decide if embrace the idea or not.


  1. king arthur and now mini dinobots. yeah this movie sounds god awful.

  2. Obviously the big dinobots will be in it as well. They have the designs. There nothing from wahlbergs comments that say the other dinobots are not in it..

  3. just introduce cool combiner, we dont need king arthur and mini dinobots

  4. I'm thinking that "mini" Dinobots might mean Dinobots that are the same size as the other Transformers, like Bee and Optimus, instead of the huge ones from Extinction.


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