Saturday, October 15, 2016

Bay: Tuturro, Goodman, Trailer This Year, UK Filming Completed

In a new Facebook video, Transformers: The Last Knight director Michael Bay revealed the most news at once about the movie. It isn't really much but compared to the impressive cone of silence he has kept on the production up to this point, its practically a feast.

- John Turturro and John Goodman are confirmed to return for the movie when Bay rattled off a list of names. John Turturro played Agent Simmons in the first three films of the franchise while John Goodman will voice Hound once again.

- Thursday was the last day of filming in the UK with production moving to Namibia, Africa for a few days to complete principle photography on the movie.

- A teaser trailer is planned for release either in November or December. I assume they are going to try to attach it to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them as that is expected to be the big movie of the holiday season.

In the video (below) Bay mentioned the above news, showed off a little bit of a UK set in what I guess was filming set during King Arthur's time.


  1. Don't forget Rogue One for teaser

  2. Fantastic Beasts is the big movie of the holiday season?? This blog owner must not be a Star Wars fan...


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