Monday, February 20, 2017

Toy Fair Reveals The Last Knight Toys

This past weekend the New York Toy Fair was held. Hasbro was on hand to reveal their upcoming toys from Transformers: The Last Knight along with lines for Titans Returns, Robots in Disguise and more. The revealed toys for The Last Knight includes Megatron with his Cybertronian jet alt mode, Grimlock, Hound, Scorn, Bumblebee, Crosshairs, Strafe, Slash, Slug, Sqweeks and Steelbane (dragon? alt mode). Titans Returns continues with box sets and new releases including Overlord, Topspin, Quake, Twin Twist, Seaspray, Blitzwing, Octane, and more. For Robots in Disguise Season 3 about to premiere, Hasbro showed off their combiners from the line: Glavtronus combiner (Cyclonus, Cyberwarp, Skyjack, Threadshock, Riotgear). Menasor (Dragstrip, Heatseeker, Motormaster, Slashmark, Wildbreak), and UltraBee (BUmblebee, Grimlock, Sideswipe, Strongarm). There is also yet another release of the MP-10 Masterpiece Prime mold with an animated-ish paint scheme and Movie Masterpiece Bumblebee which looks like the one from 7 or so years ago but is a new mold and much smaller.

In somewhat related notes, Hasbro held an Investor Event and the short version is all is rosy, profitable, and the future of Transformers is secure and planned through 2019. Rescue Bots will continue, Bumblebee movie still planned for 2018 and Transformers 6 for 2019. Power of the Primes is the planned successor for Titans Return and speaking of Primes, Beast Wars Optimus Primal was picked by fans to be the next leader of the Autobots and "bearer of the Matrix of Leadership." Whatever that means will probably be revealed probably either at SDCC or Hascon. As a result, its probably a safe bet to assume Masterpiece Optimus Primal will get a stateside release next year.

Winter Wonderfest 2017 was also held this weekend in Japan and while what was revealed isn't much different then NY Toy Fair, there was some stuff worthwhile. Beast Wars Dinobot is getting the Masterpiece treatment. No release date or other details revealed. Also a new mold for Masterpiece Megatron is close to release and he is looking sweet. Check out the Wondercon Showroom gallery. In addition, if you have $500 or so burning a hole in your pocket, check out Artisan Series Transformers Monopoly game that is specifically made to be hung on your wall as art.

Below are gallery links and videos from all things Transformers at the New York Toy Fair and Winter Wonderfest.

Official Pics: The Last Knight | Titans Return 1 | Titans Return 2 | Trypticon | Robots in Disguise | More Pics

Showroom Pics: Showroom 1 | Showroom 2 | The Last Knight | Titans Return | Trypticon | Robots in Disguise | Herocross | Rescue Bots | Movie MP Bumblebee


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  1. Off topic but I believe barricade may be a headmaster like cogman. His toy comes with a small robot with a face that looks like barricades face. I also remember reading that there were a lot of different barricade bots, like clones...


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