Friday, May 05, 2017

TF5 Optimus Prime with Bumblebee Parts?

An advertisement standee found at a Toys R Us to promote the soon to be released toy line potentially reveals a plot twist from Transformers: The Last Knight. If check out Optimus Prime, it seems he is sporting Bumblebee yellow in his arms and legs along with a very Bumblebee like torso piece.

It could mean nothing, as its equally likely Hasbro decided to add some yellow to Prime's existing CGI image to help promote the Mission to Cybertron line. Since a Bumblebee prequel movie is on the horizon, I just don't see Hasbro killing the character as clearly they consider him to be nearly as important as Prime.


  1. If you look at the picture on the side of the Voyager class Optimus Prime, he contains the same yellow parts in his stomach and his knees. There is even a little yellow circle on his thigh and a couple of yellow parts on him bicep. It's probably just coincidence.

  2. There is an interesting rumor/theory going around about this poster. That Optimus dies, or sacrifices himself, and Bumblebee is wearing his armor.


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