Monday, June 19, 2017

Tyrese Gibson is Not in Transformers: The Last Knight

Apparently Tyrese Gibson is NOT in Transformers: The Last Knight as Epps. He was supposed to be, it was planned but schedule conflicts with Fate of the Furious prevented him from being able to film the role.
"I mean, I was p****d. The goal was for me and Josh Duhamel to come back and surprise the fans, that two of the guys from the original Transformers were back. Josh Duhamel was available and I wasn’t. So I was p****d."
Now the weird part is the source of the story, OK! Online, has sense pulled the story or at least I can't find it on their website which is a little odd and makes you wonder. Mostly if makes me wonder if Tyrese is in the movie, why are they hiding it?

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  1. I swear I saw Tyrese in a couple of TV shots.


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