Monday, July 31, 2017

Bumblebee Producer Comments on Movie

In an interview with Den of Geek, Transformers movie franchise producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura spoke briefly about the Bumblebee movie. Nothing really new was revealed except the movie is set in 1987 (not 1985 like I had seen spoke of before). As for Transformers 6 he thought there would be one and "I think we need to change it up" but its too early for them to plan TF6, that likely will not start until next year.
“We are starting to shoot a week from today [7/26]. We had decided to do this well before (The Last Knight) had come out. Our feeling was that we wanted to give the audience a different experience. Bumblebee's designed to be a more intimate movie. There's many fewer Transformers in it. It's set in 1987, so it actually predates all of Michael's movies and therefore is not burdened by the history of those, 'cause it predates it. You have a certain amount of creative freedom.”

“I think Bumblebee is an incredibly loved character. You pick (director) Travis Knight for a very specific reason. His movies are pretty extraordinary, Kubo and the Two Strings in particular. What we're trying to do is deliver, a love story may be too strong of a term, but it is a coming of age for Bumblebee and our lead character, Hailee Steinfeld. The two of them, their job in the movie is to support each other to get to the place where they both fully realize who they are in that moment. It's a very different kind of story. That plot is there, but it's very muted, relative to the larger Transformers movies.”

On if will be a TF6: “Yeah, I think so. I do. Look, it was a great run. I think going forward, we learned some lessons and I think we need to change it up. I think Michael (Bay, director of all five Transformers films) would be the first one to say that. It's one of the reasons why we were trying to bring in the Arthurian myth, in fact, in (The Last Knight), to create that different sense of what that movie's about. I think we were successful in that way, but obviously not in the box office.”

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