Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Transformers Writers Room Done (But We Already Knew That)

In a bit of inexplicable news that I do not understand why is showing up on all the entertainment and Transformers sites is "confirmation" that the Transformers Writers Room and its leader Akiva Goldsman is done. But that was already true. The whole point of the room was get a bunch of writers together, plot out a potential movie factory of spec scripts, with Hasbro and Paramount potentially using them for future movies. The room ended up coming up with a dozen plus specs good for at least a decades worth of movies. It was always intended to be a one and done.

Two movies were already generated from those session - Transformers: The Last Knight and the Bumblebee movie. The writers, including Goldsman, may or may not be tapped to write future movie scripts based on the specs they produced. Akiva's responsibilities ended when the spec scripts were turned in nearly two years ago. So when others report this like its new news, it seems really to be a complete lack of understanding of what the room's purpose was. Instead the outlets missed an opportunity to try to get information on the real question. Not if the writers room is done (it was and has been for a while).

The real question is Hasbro and Paramount tossing those spec scripts or not? In other words have they lost complete confidence in the writers room output? Its a critical question in light of one of those scripts moving forward in the Bumblebee movie and also where the blame is being laid for the box office failure of Transformers: The Last Knight. Clearly I lay the TF5 blame at Michael Bay's feet, the writers' power on set being non-existent. If the writers room's output was tossed then the executives at Paramount and Hasbro reached a completely different conclusion. Whatever conclusion they reached will inform how who they hire and how they handle Transformers 6 (aka not Bay or more like Bay). Despite all the stories around the room, what we currently know has not changed one iota.


  1. I'm rather confused. How can the blame be laid at Michael Bay's feet when he clearly did not pen the script? Granted,he directed it but as said he didn't write it. That makes it sound less like you didn't like the movie and more that you just don't like Michael Bay,therefore making nothing he does acceptable to you.

    1. The blame lays at Bay's feet because we have HIS interpretation of the script. He cut out a lot & changed a lot of the script. Notice how much this movie was like the previous movies & there were different writers on this one. The problem is & has been Michael Bay's complete lack of respect for the Transformers & the fans. Notice the horrible editing, the complete under use of characters & the juvenile humor, that's all Michael Bay. He hires comedians to come in & add this bs humor. It's tragic. Hopefully Travis Knight can right the ship.

    2. As far as the movie cuts go that actually falls on the part of the movie editor. The hiring..yeah that's partially on him..casting director..producer..and executives. Granted,Michael Bay is all about explosions and much like Zach Snyder is all about setting up a shot,their movies aren't great. My whole point is..a movie succeeding or failing is a team effort and not just solely on one person.


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