Sunday, November 12, 2017

Bumblebee Wraps With Title and Logo Reveal

It seems that Bumblebee: The Movie has officially wrapped principle photography. At least according to posts on Hailee Steinfeld's Instagram account, at least before she was ordered to pull the images. Fortunately not before TFW2005 grabbed a copy. The main value in her images is the first look at the head of Bumblebee that seems to pay homage to his G1 horns while retaining much of his Bay-verse look. In addition the current title is Bumblebee: The Movie. I would not be surprised if this could be later altered to add "Transformers" to the title in some fashion for marketing purposes much like the official titles of Rogue One and Solo add "A Star Wars Story" just so the slower members of movie going audience do not get confused wondering "Is this part of Star Wars?".


  1. Lorenzo can be quoted in our exclusive interview that there was a redesign of the bots, placing them somewhere in between the Bayverse and their G1 counterparts. This definitely doesn't look like that big of a change.

  2. bee has a hotrod look going on


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