Friday, April 05, 2019

Transformers 6 Will Not Continue Last Knight's Storyline

Transformers movie franchise producer continues to make the rounds promoting Pet Semetary. In an interview with Slashfilm, he answers two questions about Transformers along with stuff about Meg, Snake Eyes and more which you can read here. In regards to Transformers the first thing to understand is he clearly doesn't know what "reboot" and "continuity" is but Bumblebee clearly maintained Bay-verse continuity and was not a reboot. This led to hope that Transformers 6 may continue the Unicron plot. Based on the below, that will not be the case. It doesn't mean TF6 wouldn't maintain the movie continuity, it would just ignore or hand wave away that particular plot point.

For the next Transformers are you looking for new directors or hoping you can still make Michael Bay an offer?
I think Bay has made it really clear that he loved what he did and he’s not doing anymore. So I think the answer is we’re writing a script. At that point, once we get script we have a strong belief in, then we’ll begin to debate that. Michael’s made it really clear that he didn’t want to do it. I don’t blame him. He spent a hell of a lot, a decade of his life, shooting them.

Are you developing a script that picks up where The Last Knight left off?

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