Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Haslab Unicron Crowdfunding Extended

Turns out the chance to get Haslab's Unicron isn't over yet as Hasbro has extended the deadline to a little over a month to allow time for a New York Comic Con appearance.
We’ve been reading your comments and listening to your feedback about wanting more time, and we’re excited to share that we are officially extending the campaign date for the TRANSFORMERS: WAR FOR CYBERTRON UNICRON HasLab project through New York Comic Con, ending Sunday, October 6, 2019.

We wouldn’t be where we are in the campaign without our fans and we are so appreciative of the overwhelming support on the project thus far. We want to make this dream item a reality just as much as you and feel that this is the extension will help get us to the 8,000 backer goal!

For those that have already backed the project, your card will not be charged until the new end date, October 6, 2019. Also note that you can still cancel your order if you no longer want to be part of TRANSFORMERS history. Just log into your account on to cancel your order.
The number earlier last week took an over 1500 boost overnight, likely as Hasbro added TakaraTomy sales to the total. As a result we can now assume that the 8000 buyer goal for the $575 figure is a worldwide total. The US extensions has lead to TakaraTomy Mall also extending their Unicron deadline for Japanese buyers. Not sure how purchasing will work for those in other countries that want to make a purchase. It also appears that some Transformers toy sites will sell the figure later (with an additional price tacked on of course) so not sure if those pre-orders are added to the total or not yet. With all that in mind, as of this posting the sales for Unicron are at 71% towards its goal. The US deadline is October 6th while the Japan deadline is October 3rd.

In addition to the extension, Hasbro also revealing accessories for Unicron. Besides the stand, Unicron will come with interchangeable chins to mimic his smooth chin and goatee-style chin from the movie. He has comes with a Galvatron slug figure (small, low on detail, not transformable) so you can replicate the swallow scene from the movie.

If you are interested in buying head over to Hasbro Pulse or TakaraTomy Mall or check your favorite Transformers store site. Keep in mind that Hasbro is likely making this to the number pre-ordered so getting hold of one after the fact will be harder (and more expensive). I get waiting as I am doing the same thing cause I want him but the price combined with where to put it is a bit of an issue. I also know I tend to fall to temptation...

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