Friday, October 04, 2019

Haslab Unicron - Final Weekend to Order

This is it. After this weekend Haslab Unicron will either come into existence or enter the dust bin of Transformers history as another unreleased prototype. As of this writing the campaign sits at 93% toward its goal of 8000 buys that may or may not include sales from the EU and Japan purchase sites. If you are still on the fence about dropping a whopping $575 (ouch) for the toy, if it helps for perspective the just released Masterpiece Optimus Prime version 3 costs around $450 (ouch) so compared to that another $125 for a figure almost twice as big suddenly doesn't seem so bad.

Recently Hasbro did announce a few new additions to the figure with digital comics version of the 2006 IDW Transformers: The Movie adapation and inclusive cover for recently relaunched Transformers #1 that is based on the iconic 1984 Transformers #1. In addition they revealed a new redesigned hand for Unicron that has full articulation for all his fingers, a tiny Hot Rod non-transformable figure and a little small Autobot shuttle that Optimus Prime arrived in to save the day.

If interested in a few details about the production of the figure, head over to Aggressive Comix for an quick interview with Takashi kunihiro, Senior Product Designer at Takara Tomy who helped create this version of Unicron. The figure is also on display now at New York Comic Con, a full gallery can be found here.

Below is a reminder from Hasbro on all you will be getting with purchase when figure arrives at some point in early 2021. Its a long wait but I guarantee if you change your mind a year from now, the cost is going to be more then $600. If interesting in purchasing Unicron, here are the official purchase sites:

USA - Hasbro Pulse | Japan - TakaraTomy Mall | EU/UK - Kapow Toys

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