Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Transformers 3 A Go for Washington, DC

According to Michael Bay's Shoot for the Edit, Transformers 3 has cleared the necessary hurdles to shoot at the National Mall in Washington, DC. Nelson posts, "Well, it turns out that article is BS or misleading at best. I spoke to Mike yesterday and he's gotten authorization to shoot on the National Mall."

Last week a Washington Post article indicated that production was still in negotiations to determine how many days they would shoot and exactly what they could do at the site. Michael Bay apparently wanted to stage explosions and a chase sequence, something that the National Park Service said is "simply not done on the National Mall."

I have to wonder exactly what Transformers 3 is approved to do at the National Mall and for how many days. I don't imagine the Park Service (or other interested agencies) changing their minds about explosions and a chase sequence occurring at the Mall. I have a suspicion that filming will involve the usual Hollywood magic of making a sequence appear to have occurred all at one location despite having been filmed at multiple, widely separate places leaving the explosions and car chase for a separate set. Hopefully I am wrong as a little "Bay-hem" in DC would be very cool to see.


  1. I would love to be an extra there. Does anyone know when they will be filming in DC?

  2. Well since i live in DC this is what they said. They started to film in may 18 and it will be released in July , 1 2011. Also there making it on imax-3D.


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