Sunday, July 18, 2010

TF3 Chicago: Bay Thanks Chicago and More

Transformers 3 production continues in Chicago near at Michigan Street Bridge. Worst Previews has posted photos that indicates that the 1972 yellow Datsun 510 from the Milwaukee Art Museum filming was spotted in Chicago filming scenes. Patrick Dempsey, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Shia LaBeouf are wearing the same costumes from then so this potentially confirms that the Datsun is Bumblebee in disguise and apparently that "Hotchkiss Gould Investments" is located in downtown Chicago. Thanks to DJ BigTyme Beats for the link.

Thanks to Jonnyroobs and his friend Ed for the pictures below that includes a look at the sets and more shots of the Transformers vehicles. Below that is a video of the live streams as they show some of the filming that occurred close by. Thanks to Shockwaved for the video link. Last, has posted more images and two videos that show off the various vehicles and confirm that NEST have a truck as a mobile command center.

CBS Chicago was able to get close with Michael Bay and some of the cast and they gave a thank you to the city for putting up with the traffic problems the filming has caused for the city. Bay also revealed that Chicago is the setting for the final battle of the film. Does that mean any missing characters died in the course of the movie?
"Please allow me to formally apologize to the whole city for all of the traffic and for all of those extra blocks that you have to turn, just to get to where you're going," co-star Tyrese Gibson said. "But you know, we're bringing some energy to city, and we thank y'all for graciously allowing us to be here."

"It's just a beautiful place. I've been all over the world, and this is truly a great place to shoot," Bay said. Michigan Avenue is "the most iconic view of the city, in both directions," Bay added. "It's not like an alley. It's beautiful architecture, 360 degrees."

"This has been awesome," Duhamel said. "I hadn't spent any time here, more than maybe a day or two, and obviously this is the best time of year to be here, and it's just beautiful."

Bay said Chicago figures prominently at the end of the movie. "That will get around the world, so it will be good for tourism," he said.
Live Streams: NBC Chicago | ktgeek


  1. So Michael Bay revealed to CBS that current filming in Chicago would be for the final battle at the end of the movie?
    Mmh.. and so Leo, Simmons and John Malkovich character... where are them?
    If Chicago is really the final battle.. how comes that those three actors are nowhere to be seen yet? All dead then?
    Either Bay killed all of those characters during the first half of the movie.. or he is not telling the truth..

  2. Michael Bay, please thank Chicago, by making this Transformers movie the best one through sticking to a good story via editing and computer graphics. Also please make a Batmobile Transformer cameo like the Tumbler in Dark Knight. That would make Chicago nerds very happy :)

  3. Thanks to Michael Bay the movie is already flawed. It can't be the best. It will be missing a key element.

  4. Michael Bay is a humanitarian.

    But ungrateful people call him a hack.

  5. Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is back there. (11th photo, right behind Ratchet)

  6. a bus says MTA on the side.... so does that mean Chicago will not be the setting in TF3!?!?!?

  7. Is this Perceptor?
    Or, perhaps, Wheeljack?

    Here he is with Bumblebee:

    And from a distance, indicating a relatively similar size:

    Maybe we've found our Mercedes?

    Here's a link to the rest of the picks from the set (from TSR):

  8. i wouldn't expect it to be Perceptor, unless they've given him a more size appropriate alt mode. If there was going to be a microscope Perceptor in the film, it would like be the size of "the Doctor" Decepticon from TF@

    I hope that's not Wheeljack. The bot's head looks absolutely lame. The grey hair-like stuff looks absolutely ridiculous. This bot needs some serious redesign.

    It looks like it's older, perhaps Alpha Trion?

  9. i was there ysterday! they did a scene with nest guys running past the tribune building. there were a couplelarge explosions in the back it was harder to see than the nest scene at the end of the day they did some scenes with the nascars only they redid those like 4 times

  10. They seem to have modeled this new bot's face on Albert Einstein. The closest Autobot to a theoretical physicist would be Perceptor; consider his motto, "One's ultimate truth lies in one's molecular structure."

    I wouldn't be surprised if they ditched Perceptor's old alt. mode for something more substantial. The Mercedes- being a German car- adds substance to the Perceptor as Cybertronian Einstein.

  11. OMG! Dr. Emmit Brown is a transformer!

    Where's the Michael J. Fox robot?! Is doc a dalorian? omg its making sense now!

  12. Come on, please don't give the transformers with hair...I'ts face looks so goofy, it could be Skids and Mudflap's

  13. Oh Bay, stop humanizing robots!

  14. Finally, a new bot.

    Thanks Anonymous - 18 July 2010, 0406 AM

  15. Well, this certainly lowered my expectations for this movie. Obviously the shitty human stereotype characterizations for the robots is gonna continue in this one. Bay needs to sort out if he wants to make a movie for adults and teenagers, or a movie for 6 year old kids. I mean, a robot with white hair,a mustache and round glasses. WTF is that? Might as well just make the whole movie into a cartoon.

  16. "Either Bay killed all of those characters during the first half of the movie.. or he is not telling the truth.."

    or maybe they arent in the final scene you fucking retard

  17. just because certain characters cars are not there.. does not mean they died?

    dumbass, they could just be in theyre robot mode the whole time

    they could also be coming in 2 weeks? Michael Bay is filming in Chicago until the end of August.. you never know what hes gunna bring to the set in a few weeks? people thought Lennox died because he wasnt there last week and this week he is, fucking retards

  18. Did you see the women in the photo used for this news item? ( What the hell is going on here?

  19. im sorry but Rosie's body is amazing...WOW

  20. i believe dat bumblebee is goin 2 die, i cn just feel it

  21. My guess for new autobot team: Optimus,bumblebee,rachet,sideswipe,ironhide,mudflap,skids,perseptor,hotrod,the wreckers, and finally the 1 autobot in the release trailer..... senital prime.

    He is the best actor & he loves all of his fans! I <3 Josh!


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