Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sector Seven Site: More Information Revealed

Thanks to Shawn H. for pointing new information that was discovered in regards to the Sector Seven website. He decided to look over an older email, the one before the Hugo Weaving reveal, in regards to Agent X.

From the email, he noticed a curious phrase "This ws a dangerous time for us. We do not want to go back to the Ebucehtd Nif scenario." He also noticed that the email is indicated to come from Agent Powers but try to reply and it goes to Dr. Howard.

So from this, he realized that there existed a website Also that the phrase is "Find the cube" backwards. Going to the site brings a blank page but look carefully and you will find a tiny Sector Seven cube logo. Find the cube 7 times and it will bring you a page that reveals The Seven, the original founders of the Sector Seven organization and an email address, an address that is clickable which makes me think that sending a correct word or phrase in the subject will initiate a automatic response that will reveal more information. Shawn proposes the initials of the Seven names might be important.

From find the cube site:
The First Seven hid the past to protect the future.
Stanford Julius Morehouse
Edgar Thibedeau Westfield
Neville Octavian Brewster
Percy Emerson Whitting
Wallace Wilson Clairmont
Alistair Jennings Crowther
Vance Milhaus Lawson

The site also has an interesting sound file that plays on the 6th cube, at least sometimes. The clicks and whatnot I think are a hint for those that keep up with space missions so that may indicate why it might sound familiar even if doesn't make sense. Well, if click here, you can hear the sound file in reverse. Its says "Houston uh Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed...." This is from the 1969 first landing on the moon with Neil Armstrong. The relevance of this sound file to the entire story is not known.

The hide the past is referring to hiding the discovery of Megatron. I did send a test email with the phrase "The Seven" in the subject, but no response received. I am also thinking that sending these emails will help them add entries to their database so can send you future info from "Agent X" and other advertisements once the Transformers campaign ends, so just be aware of that possibility. For giggles I tried a Google search on the above names but only other TF sites came up.

In addition to all of the above, it turns out that "Agent X" has a podcast. To subscribe to it via iTunes, click here. To find using other podcasts tools, the name of the cast seems to be "Sector 7 must be stopped". Now if that phrase makes you automatically want to complete it with "no matter the cost." a) You are a true transfan and b) it may be intentional. Its possible that "Agent X" is Optimus Prime since playing around with the pitch in the 4 currently released podcasts sure do sound like him.

Click here to go to a website that has the four podcasts along with the alterations in pitch. I also agree that sounds like Peter Cullen not quite doing the Optimus Prime voice.

As for the podcasts, the first 3 are more just warnings that the Decepticons are coming and Sector Seven is hiding this preventing the human race from being ready. The most recent cast X4 is interesting as it describes a leak in 1982 thats leads to the Transformers toy line and ends with "look to Takara, it is truth masquerading as fiction." Takara is the Japanese toy company that original created the Transformers and continues to release the toys there today in partnership with Hasbro.

There you go, turns out the Sector Seven mystery is deeper and more spread out then thought. Should be an interesting search on the net to find out more information including the importance of the First Seven and the moon landings in the over movie Transformers story.

In regards to the intials bit they are SJMETWNOBPEWWWCAJCVML. Notice that the current Sector Seven password NBETWO is part of the collection as is "www" and "seven". This makes me think its possibly an anagram for a website.

Update: Based on a review of the prequel novel "Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday", it appears that the significance of the '69 Moon Landing recording on the cube site is related to it being a cover for a Sector Seven launch of Ghost I spacecraft, designed from technology developed from "the Megaman" (Megatron) with the mission to find the Transformers.


  1. It's interesting that the .ws website was left as an anonymous comment on my site. After the random comment got me curious, I found tons more about it.

    On the same entry i've received another anonymous comment that says -

    So what does Piers Anthony have to do with the latest SS pw? His bio is kind of interesting but I have never read any of his books.

    What the hell does that mean? I think very possibly that some people behind the website are commenting on sites to help out with the 'game'.

  2. This 'game' is awesome!!! Definitly fueling the fire for July 4th.

  3. I found a tie to Agent X 1969 Apollo website recording.

    A poster at the All Spark forum

    has gotten a copy of the movie prequel novel.

    Apparently, in the novel Sector Seven has reversed engineered a space craft using Megatron's technology called the Ghost 1. They launched the ship the same day as the Apollo space flight in 1969.

    The ship was to slingshot around Jupiter and come back but it wound up going through a worm hole and running into the Autobot's Ark and the Decepticon's Nemesis.

    The Agent X recording must be a reference to this and somekind of clue.

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  5. What does Ghost 1 look like??? does anybody know or have a pic?

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