Sunday, June 08, 2008

More Pictures from Udvar-Hazy

Thanks to "Roboquaker" here are more pictures taken on Saturday, June 7th at The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center which I was informed is near Dullest National Airport in Dulles, VA which is about 30 miles northwest of Washington, DC. Because of its proximity to the airport, its airspace is not a no-fly zone hence the reason that Bay could land his personal jet.

A few notes on what he saw:
- DreamWorks picked up the $12 parking for everyone who came by yesterday.
- John Turturro, Megan Fox, and Shia Lebeouf were all part of the scene around the SR-71 Blackbird.
- They were checking out something under the plane, then John yelled something and Shia and Megan ran off towards the other military planes.
- They had this radio controlled jeep (my son thought it was Ironhide) that led Megan and Shia under the Blackbird and then out to the other part of the museum. I guess this is Wheels. I have two fuzzy shots of it.
- Later they had a space capsule thingy rolling around near the Blackbird.

In regards to his descriptions, from the call sheets "[Simmons] lets Wheels out of box." later "Wheels pulls in front of SR-71. Points. Simmons takes reading." This indicates that Wheels is very small Transformer. Also a line is "Jetfire transforms. Knocks space capsule onto floor."


  1. i dont think that is an autobot, i think it's just a remote control car possibly with a camera or something, maybe just something for a distraction. I doubt they would use something that small, but then again yes they did use frenzy. let's hope its not a robot (waist of 10 if you ask me)

  2. I'm sure the RC truck is just to give them something to look at. It'll be will be replaced with CGI

  3. Simmons is using a detector to find the 'bot like they did in the first one.

    Wheels may have a pointing device. I doubt its a Transformer, as everything S7 made went berzerk. And I doubt one would work for Simmons.

    Simmons may have flushed out Jetfire from his hiding place.

  4. I think if this was a real transformer to be used to be in the movie it could be only 1 of 3 possibilities: Wheelie, Gears & Roller from Generation 1 that came out of the back of Optimus's trailer.

    Other than that I say it is like some other people say it is a detection device used bye simmons to search out Jetfire. It is probably a transformer dectector being used like a metal detector.

  5. Folks, Frenzy transformed into a boombox and was used for comic relief. I see no reason not to believe that "Wheels" is a small Autobot who tranforms into a tiny RC monster truck. It's actually a far better disguise than a boombox if you ask me since he obviously can be mobile while in disguise and used for the type of operation going on in the Smithsonian. It's also going to sell lots and lots of actual scale transforming RC trucks.

  6. Maybe wheelie wanted to work for Simmons because he was so eager to "make friends today".

    Yeah, I speculated that it was just a regular RC with a detector so the humans don't have to go near the i hope its roller.

  7. selective realism6/09/2008 7:44 AM

    An RC Transformer?? Ice Cream Truck twins?

    This is real corny so far.

  8. Its a MINI-CON!!!

  9. Maybe wheelie wanted to work for Simmons because he was so eager to "make friends today".

    hahaha Ryan, that totally cracked me up~

  10. I think the Fallen from the "War Within" comics was in the space pod. He is supposed to appear in the movie, right?

  11. crazy...i was there on vacation coincidentally on that same day. it was pretty cool seeing all of this but too bad i wasnt there when megan fox was.

  12. I watched the movie premiere last weekend here in Tokyo ancd confirm that Wheelie is a co-protagonist of the movie! One of the best characters for me!


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