Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Queensway Explosions on Video

To go along with Gettodeath's video at the Queensway Bridge are the three videos shot by FMD805. The first video is the Autobots on Shoreline Avenue as they film them driving down the road. The second video is a chase sequence involving Optimus Prime and the "Chinese" police. It shows three takes of pyrotechnics going off for unknown reason near the police as a camera car rigs goes through the middle of the explosion in the opposite direction. The third movie shows a larger explosion that has cars and debris flying into the air. Always fun to see things go BOOM!

Thanks to FMD805 for use of his videos.


  1. ***(3rd video)***

    Good stuff, awseome video! i was on the bridge infront of you guys. what flew threw the air? I guess thats why everyone ran tot he other side of the bridge!! awseome!

  2. i was on the other side of the bridge off of Ocean standing behind the buildings. That car must have been 50 Feet in the air. it was high above the overpass there at Queens way.

  3. OK, that third clip was FUCKING AWESOME!!! hahaha WOW!

  4. thanks guys for posting, that was such a cool experience seeing them do all this in Long Beach...we were on top of the 6th floor of the Pike parking structure, and it took them may 2-3 hours to set that shot up *third clip. It was definitely worth the wait since I was hanging out up there since 6pm-12a..

    Hey and just another inside note, my buddy was on the set with city workers and met production crew and the location scout...turns out they will be filming in Arizona after this for military scenes, then they will be coming back to Long Beach by the end of the year, and I will be back for that forsure....cheers fellas...

  5. TF2 gets getting bigger and bigger.

  6. Nice nice nice I (L) Explosions! :D


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