Thursday, August 28, 2008

Autobots Roll Again and the Chevy Volt

As promised a few months ago, its now proven beyond any doubt that the Chevy Volt is in Transformers thanks to video from Modern Mythology (via Movie Chronicles). Previous pictures by Gettodeath of the blue and purple car looked close to the Volt but I wasn't sure. The close up video below now confirms it. I have to admit, the car in motion is pretty damn nice looking and Chevy should consider the coloring as standard for the line. The Volt may or may not be a Tranformer alt mode I find it hard to believe that Chevy has started a marketing campaign for a car not coming out until 2010 that there is not more to its role in the movie. Note the movie does autoplay, despite best efforts have not been able to disable that.


  1. Prop my behind. this is the real deal. another TF to Add to the line-up.

    maybe they used a old blue car for a prop and someone mixed them up. thinking this was the propcar.

    but man, that car kicks ass.

  2. is it possible its soundwave? colours kinda match. blue/purple decepticon colours. and he is not in de line of driving autobot cars.

    again speculations, speculations.

    grz from holland :)

  3. That Car is NOT the 2 blue cars I had seen! Thats new! No one has seen that until the pic and now! I promise!

    I have not seen it until now!

  4. na it wouldn't be a deception since deceptions tends to use military vehicles with the expection of barricade. Autobots use non military vehicles at least how they portray in the first movie

  5. I wonder where Ratchet is during all this?

    Maybe he's actually being a doctor!

  6. Wow, now the story's really cooking up here! Actually I think that blue Volt is the same car shown in the earlier post (the orange sunset tends to mess with bluish-purple like that on digital cameras). I can definitely see the VOLT on the rear trunk, and from the earlier post, I can also see the VOLT logo on the side vent of the car.

    Now it's a question of what role does it play? Most likely a passing vehicle caught in the traffic (a nice product placement spot for Chevy hehe). If this movie is slated for 2009, then it's perfect since future models usually start selling in Fall of the previous year (2010 Volt start selling in Fall 2009).

    Nice footage! :)

  7. what would you guys say if i thought blurr?

  8. Millertalon said...

    ^^^^^ Would not surprise me the least bit!

    I wonder why he shows up so late in the film. Another Autobot who arrives late after Stinger & the Twins???

    MAYBE ALL THE AUTOBOTS SHOW UP AT DIFFERENT TIMES THROUGHOUT THE MOVIE! Unlike in the 1st one where they show up all at one time.

  9. when was there a transformer name stinger i never heard of him what was his form in the cartoon

  10. Hummm That car is showing up more now. Ok picture this crazy theroy.

    The autobots are fighting some "unknown Decepticon". As of the start of the fight. The crew is there. Prime, Bumble, Ironhide, corvett, the beat and the trax. They are outnumberd in some fashion. Out of nowhere the Chevy Volt shows up and starts kicking ass to help out the other Autobots. Autobots win the small battle, the Decipticons retreat. and the The pictures that we see of Optimus and the gang along with the Volt are leaving after the fight togeather. Lets keep an eye out tonight guys if we dont see more stunts with the Volt. This action maybe his comming out party for the good guys.

    As we know they film scenes that fit into the story at all different times. Most of the fight stuff and the explosions have all been at night. Most of the driving footage of the Autobots has been during the day.

    scenes at Dusk and Dawn times of the day to simulate its becomming night time or its starting to show eairly morning.

    Travel sceans with the autobots going across Queens way with the crew coming with out the volt. And then we see sceens with the crew traveling with the Volt as if they are leaving the fight.

    Just my thoughts.

  11. I'm starting to wonder if there are even Decepticons involved. Maybe the movie opens with the Autobots arriving in China (why, I dunno), and the Chinese think they are a threat which is why we are seeing videos of Chinese police going after the Autobots. Just a thought. The Decepticons could be added later in post as CG.

  12. The Volt is not Soundwave. It is too small, 99% of Autobots are cars/trucks, and It it makes no connection to what Soundwave represents (communications, etc.)for the Decepticons.

  13. Bluestreak's first star appearance saw him pursuing a hot-headed Ironhide who took off to pursue the Decepticons. Bluestreak tried to talk some sense into him but they ended up in a dogfight with Skywarp. Skywarp teleported and shot Ironhide from behind, injuring his back. Ironhide crashed into a lake and Bluestreak swam to his rescue.

  14. You find it hard to believe that Chevy has started marketing the volt for 2010, when they already had the Camaro in TF1? When the Beat and Trax are in TF2? When they friggin never-to-be-released-except-maybe-2012 Corvette concept is in there?

    Volt is coming. they'll need to market heavily if they want to sell an american compact car for 40 grand, even if it is electric.

  15. I saw some forward facing photo and good description of The Volt in the below location:-

  16. anyone know where Ratchet is? Havent seen him in any videos or photos.

  17. Actually Chevy or General motors, one of the two, posted a comment that the chevy volt is not a transformer for either factions.....the car could have something to do with agent simmons, shia's college roomate or lucas's character.

  18. Bumblebee's alternate mode Chevrolet Camaro is yellow with black stripes. Normal Camaroes are not that color which orves that it blue Chevrolet Volt must be an Autobot. Only Autobot that could be that car is Mirage. Autobot spy who can transform himself invisible. I'm sure that Volt is Mirage.

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