Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Transformer 2 Toy Leaked?

New images have appeared on TF08.net and Cybertron.ca that shows a hot wheels like toy that is shaped the same as the Corvette Centennial concept car.

Of note is the robot image on the under side of the vehicle that depict what I assume is the robot mode of the vehicle. Of importance is that the design matches the design that was leaked last week.

Does this toy represent confirmation of robot mode for Stinger? A fairly elaborate hoax? Why a matchbox car rather then a transformer? Even assuming it’s for a promotion like at Burger King or something, usually the toys have a transforming mechanism to them, yet this one doesn't. As usual, only time will tell. And yep the pictures are small cause only size currently available.

Images removed at the request of Paramount Pictures, Dreamworks, and Hasbro


  1. Toys, haha. Oh grow up. :p

  2. Yes! I think this confirms that the art is official. That toy does look a bit cheap. Probably is for a fast food meal.

  3. "Toys, haha. Oh grow up. :p"

    No toys, no movie. And please, don't laught about peoples hobby.

  4. I personally believe that the top two pictures may be a MOLD for a future toy, and given the pic in the bottom-middle, it seems to be a fast food tie-in. Soon, Hasbro and whoever else is doing the toys will have to finalize their designs, I would think, due to the timetable that is being worked with.

    Also, it does seem to be the robot mode of the Corvette seen on set. Maybe the picture of the bot is an official leaked picture or an early render. Only time will tell.

  5. Im so scared to see Ultra Magnus

  6. And where do you get idea, that he (Ultra Magnus) will be in "RotF"...?

  7. Transformer: "The enemy is up that rocky hill. Let's go get him Wheelfeet!!"

    Wheelfeet: "Uhhh, sorry guys. I'm useless on anything but a flat surface."

  8. Anonymous selective realism said...

    Transformer: "The enemy is up that rocky hill. Let's go get him Wheelfeet!!"

    Wheelfeet: "Uhhh, sorry guys. I'm useless on anything but a flat surface."

    Just think of his feet as a very powerful "Segway" ;) Btw, he does have legs and I'm sure his wheels do lock in place.

  9. Yeah, I'm sure he'll have control over the "locking mechanism" on his feet and choose whether he wants to roll or walk on them. I think it can make for some cool CGI and motion.

  10. Thats his battle mode i guess.

  11. robotmode Audi R8 is also released.


    my guess, barricades new form

  12. i dont know about ya but it might be blurr check out this pic of blurr from the animated cartoon his feel are wheels and his head look just like the from the cartoon


  13. That model of the underside is fake, it does not match the other model pictures, notice the rear bumper area, and the sides. This is a hoax, to get everyone excited, however in the case of Wheelfoot, it may dissapoint. LOL

  14. yeah im not feelin thr wheelfeet and the bird legs they need to quit that these are robots not bird they all ready mest up starscream with that no more birdlegs i hope this ant what it look like hasbto need to be more involve with the design instead of leting bay do what ever he want he not doing alot of the robot just i would like them to look like they look like in the old cartoon but more relife that mean car,color, every thing

  15. Actually, you know, for a second there, I think "WheelJack" might be the appropriate name for this dude, IFFFF the wheels do become a reality. It's a far-fetched cliche, but it could work.

    And dude, NO ROBOT TOYS for adults? Growing up? C'mon, man. Once you grow up and act your age, you become a boring drone like the rest of those no-personality losers in corporate America. Sorry, I'd rather be known as that crazy dude who collects robot toys than be a forgotten soul who no one will remember.

  16. lionboogy.. that was the stupidest thing i've ever read. ''I'd rather be known as that crazy dude who collects robot toys than be a forgotten soul who no one will remember.''


  17. Jeez, just accpet, that diferent people have diferent hobby... Is it so hard to understand?

  18. If these are real we know it is an Autobot by the Autobot logo right above his head on the bottom model

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