Friday, January 30, 2009

Bay: Teaser Trailer Slot, Full Length Trailer Coming

Transformers director Michael Bay posted on his forums the slot Transformers Revenge of the Fallen teaser trailer is expected to air and when a full length trailer is due.

The Super Bowl spot is coming Sunday in the third Quarter (few minutes into the quarter slot). The spot will be online a few minutes after that - The full length teaser trailer will only be on Friday the Thirteenth. It will not hit the internet until a week later. The Teaser really only teases stuff - I'm holding so much stuff back from the final trailers because I personally hate going to movies where you have seen it all.

Tell me what you think,

For those that don't know (say those that don't call football soccer), the Superbowl is the championship game for American football. The game usually starts about 6:00PM EST. While on paper a quarter is 15 minutes long, in reality due to commercials, time-outs, penalties, etc, they really last about an hour each. Half time is another 30 minutes. So grand total, my estimate of when the trailer will appear in the third quarter is around 8:15pm EST. That is a very rough estimate.

The main take away to me is that the teaser trailer will be online shortly after for worldwide fans and that a longer length trailer is coming in two weeks, 2/13/09. I might actually have to watch Friday the 13th now. Exactly where online the trailer will pop up first, I don't know but if history is a guide, I thinkYahoo! Movies is a likely candidate. Thanks to Firefrost and Gregory for the Bay forum link. Oh and thanks to Michael Bay for the heads-up, its nice to know I don't have to slog through the entire game now.


  1. Wooohoo baby, get yaw popcorn ready!!!!!!!

  2. I got a fever....and the only prescriptions....are the TF ROTF trailers.

    "SNL- Christopher Walken- blue oyster cult)

  3. hmm, now for the big question: is $9.50 worth sitting in a movie theater for 90 seconds or so?

  4. ^Nah cause it will probably be on Youtube soon after :)


  5. "hmm, now for the big question: is $9.50 worth sitting in a movie theater for 90 seconds or so?"

    At my job, I can get into a theater for free (no, I don't work at one) that $9.50 can be better spent on...buying food at In-N-Out before I go home. (And yes I know, a combo at In-N-Out doesn't cost that much) :D

  6. Fearless Wretch
    He watches
    Lurking beneath the sea
    Great Old One
    Forbidden site
    He searches
    Hunter of the Shadows is rising

    -Tribute to Megatron

    Crawling Chaos, underground
    Cult has summoned, twisted sound
    Out from ruins once possessed
    Fallen city, living death

    -Tribute to THE FALLEN

    Metallica/The Thing That Should Not Be

  7. superball spot is going to be the teasers teaser or what

  8. Sadly not all of us (especially if we call soccer football) are able to watch the superbowl...we'll have to wait a week for the Internet release

  9. No No No the Teaser trailer will be released on Micheal bays blog a few minutes (Maximum 1 hour) after it airs on TV so luckily i dont have to worry about watching the superbowl!

    The problem i am worried about is if the offical trailer is released with Friday the 13th (Film) which means that Revenge of the fallen could be a 15!

    Also i dont want to watch Friday the 13th again as i have already seen the other films and to be honest the plot has gotten so boring that you can tell who is going to die and how!

  10. I know michael bay wanted the full teaser trailer with Friday the 13th because he was producer for the movie of Friday the 13th

  11. I dont care, I'm going to see it if it means I get to see the full ROTF trailer.....

  12. Net Anarchist1/30/2009 7:00 PM

    Be careful Transformers Live. People are snitching to Activision and Hasbro about the pics and movie info.

  13. Net Anarchist is telling the truth - they had the same pics up at tfw2005 and soon after they had a note in a red font saying that Hasbro ordered the images pulled.

    I'm CAUTIOUSLY looking forward to the trailer, and that is the ONLY reason I'm DVRing the Superbowl, as I don't give a damn about football - yeah, I said it!

  14. can't wait to see the new Transformers film trailer. Let's hope Megan Fox gets plenty of screen time!

  15. It looks like you all missunderstood Bay here or something.

    The Super Bowl TV-spot will be online a couple of minutes after it airs. A teaser trailer will be released with Friday the 13th and that teaser trailer will be online a week later. No full length trailer yet, guys. That probably won't be out a month or so before the film's release.

  16. Set your tivos to stun lol

  17. oh teh noes friday the 13th :O. well i cant wait

  18. Set your tivos to stun

    Beam me up Scotty.

  19. I'm glad he's holding a lot back from the trailers this time around. I felt like I saw a lot of the movie and effects before going to see the movie between the trailers, tv spots, and clips. I guess I could just not watch them lol.

  20. Its like the sixth harrypotter if they release all new trailers whenever fans get bored they will know the plot of the film. Key scenes from the book have been showed in these new trailers. Luckily as part of my Warner Bros Boycott i will not be seeing the harry potter film.

    That wasnt entirely relevant i only ment to point out that by leaving trailers till latter he will have more people see the film without spoiling the film.

    Transformers ROTF teaser trailer:

    The teaser trailer will feature one new robot which hasnt been seen before (Most likely one of the constructicons or devastator.

    The film will be much more darker and sexier including a proposed scene where Sam and Alice are making out and she starts turning into her pretender form starting out with a growing tongue, A large tail and sharp claws. Yes there will be a scene where they kiss with the long tongue.

    The frenzy swarms are part of the decepticons plan to capture sam to get a piece of egyption hyroglyphics to release the fallen from his Pyramid / prison.

    There will be many teasers and trailers and clips released before the film. Each will contain roughly the same trailer info from the previous one but they will have an extra clip or two and some dialogue.

    Transformer 3:

    Release date (Well my idea of a release date)

    Prefered introductions:
    Ultra magnus
    The seekers (Thunder cracker and skywarp)
    Nemisis prime (If prime is still alive i want a fight between these two.

    Transformers 2 rumors:

    Ratchet will be in robot mode for most of the film (This explains his absense)

    One of the twins (Possibly called mudflap) will turn evil.

    The twins names are Skids and Mudflap?

    Ironhides impulsiveness will cause someone he is friends with to die this makes him question whether he is an autobot.

    Optimus prime could die (If this is true he will most likely be injured or be close to dieing or dead at the end of the film.

    If prime dies he cant return (Unless you count the life giving allspark piece he has with him. Hint! Hint!

    Unicron may be glimpsed at the end of the film.

  21. Heres the trailer

  22. The trailer has been released!

    Go to

    Or follow this link to watch it on HD on youtube:

    Here is my spoilerific lowdown of the trailer.

    00:01-00:04 :We are given the first shots of TF ROTF as comets slamm into a bunch of ships (Howevere he used this technique before in Pearl harbour) However the shot is well done and i like the good look to it.

    00:04 :The word Revenge is breifley seen.

    00:05 :Sam looks at something from a Car scrapyard.

    00:06 :A bunch of military guys gather round a tank looking at something

    00:06-00:09 :We get our first look at one of the constructicons however there will be huge complaints about his giant wheels (This is the the same one as the toy designs)

    00:09 :The word revenge is almost shown again.

    00:10-0:011 :Another look at ravage and oh my does he look good except for the silly middle nose/eye

    00:12 :This we can asume is after is because of the decepticons returning as sam convinces his parents to leave.

    00:12-00:16 :Barricade or the Audi R8 smashes through a glass pane as a car then transforms to land then transforms back into a car.

    00:16 :The revenge word is shown again.

    00:17 :Mikela looks out at something and is in tears (The death of sam or Optimus?)

    00:18-00:20 :Starscream no doubt intermerdating sam.

    00:20 :Mikela screams as sam room mate watches on.

    00:21 :Sam is dead (Or at least lying face up on a concrete slab!)

    00:21-00:23 :Optimus Vs Megatron, Starscream or a constructicon. (Looks like he is almost dead)

    00:23-00:28 :A huge robot constructicon the same one destroying helicopters returns (It should ne noted his altmode is only an earth digger i believe there is some size changing in this film!)

    00:29-00:31 :The teaser was only 31 seconds long and these last 2 seconds say the name and then cut to black.

    Review of trailer:

    I believe this is a great trailer i see a few problem with the film such as the huge size of the constructicon on his own and the strange orange eye in ravages head.

    Other than that however it is the best trailer i have ever seen i would have wanted to see at least a small part of unicron or the fallen but i suppose i can wait. (Yes i know unicron is not in this film however he is heavily hinted to appear in the films credits)

    I rank TF ROTF as:

    Explosions: 9-10 (One more explosion would be good)
    Special effects: 10/10
    Coolness rating: 10/10

    Rating: 29/30

    The only thing i would comment on is the size shifting with the constructicon and also if this is only the arm of devastator and there are a confirmed seven parts he will be huge and i mean huge as in taller than a sky scrapper huge!

    I cant wait until the next trailer is uploaded (After someone videos the friday the 13th trailer)

    11:00PM WEST COAST

  24. Just went to midnight showing of Friday the 13th. No trailer. Bummer 'cause I only went for the trailer. I hate horror movies. :[ Damn you Baaayyyyy.


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