Monday, January 19, 2009

More TF Audi Toy Pictures

Clearer pictures of the Deluxe Audi R8 from the Transformers 2 toy line are up on They are similar to the previous pictures, but now with correct robot transformation. Overall, a very cool toy that will probably look equally excellent in full CGI rendering for the movie. Below are a few select images, the full gallery is here. Thanks to cypherXR for the heads-up.

TFW2005 has also posted more pictures, this time high resolution pictures on a red background so easier to pick out details on the toy who still reminds me a lot of Barricade. The gallery of those pictures is here.


  1. I still don't think its Barricade but thats one awesome looking car and one tight looking robot form. I'll have to add him to my collection.

  2. It's Wildrider from the Stunticons. I'm 100% sure on this. Take a look at this:

    See the massive resemblance?

  3. Oh yeah, here's a short video showing some of the toy's "automorphing" technology.

  4. who's the other car beside the audi r8 from the gallery?

  5. who's the other car beside the audi r8 from the gallery?

    If i'm not mistaken, it's Alternity Convoy:

  6. Can't wait to see who this turns out to be...

  7. The more I see pictures of this, the more I think that it resembles Barricade.
    2 Different Possibilities for me:
    1.) Barricade gets reformatted and is undercover (or something)
    2.) It's a Stunticon.

    Either one is good for me. Your guys's thoughts?

  8. Yeah, it actually looks a LOT like Barricade. I do agree with much of the background thoughts of him being able to change like Bumblebee and the fact that in the MOVIE, we never saw him after the freeway chase again (no, the city scene was actually some other car that Ironhide threw at Blackout to protect Sam; I DID LOOK).

    However, a lot of those face molds could be common features for a particular combat series or something else we don't know about.

    I'm not against Barricade showing up again because he is pretty awesome, but at the same time cautious to jump to any conclusions because I'd hate to be wrong if I placed any bets. haha

  9. that acttoys link has a trojan.

  10. the other car is Prowl

  11. That head looks badass.

  12. Avid Singapore Fan1/19/2009 10:37 PM

    Does anyone know why he only has ONE wheel on ONE arm? Where did the other one go?

  13. its def. barricade. two door sports care and they will have to use faces pretty much to help the younger crowed decifer between the two. they wouldn't have two black two door cars and they wont not but barricade in it cause then people will be like whatever happend to him. they will say he feel back on orders by starscream and he'll end up being starscreams number 1 man.

  14. While we wont definitively know til the movie releases. Im very sure its got to be Barricade. Ive compared images of the toy with the movie image of Barricade, and the toy. Bumblebee's transcanning from what i read and understand is a standard of all TFs, so Barricade obtaining a new form is totally plausible. When they change alt forms, their robot form tends to keep similar features. Case in point Blackout's "turbine" on his back above his head, from cybertronian form to earth form. This Audi has extensions from his back like Barricade, and from images fold the same way as the toy. His feet is the same as Barricade's movie and toy form. He has extensions on his shoulders, just like Barricade. Chest folds and contorts in similar fashion (headlights foldin outward like toy), wheels above his hands in the same relative location. Finally looking at his head, similar angular look, very similar "beard"/chin, and twin symetrical nodules on his "scalp". Even red eyes in similar desgin pattern to the toy. Finally alt mode, like Bumblebee, the Audi conceptual and overall car design is similar in appearance to the Saleen Ford Mustang. With so much similar, Id kinda be more surprised if he wasnt Barricade. Much like I was surprised to hear Tobi wasnt Obito Uchiha, even though I sternly believe its Obito's body to this day.

  15. CypherXR! You already showed us that photo of G1 Wildrider. But we all are not so sure is WIldrider really this Decepticon.

  16. I can't wait to see ironhide snap this robot in two

  17. Has anyone seen the Saleen Ford Mustang in any of the shoots or calls list?

  18. Whereas I like the overall design for the robot, the head is TINY compared to the rest of it!

    Defo one for the collection though (if only for a kitbash).

  19. Saleen Ford Mustang? You mean Barricade's alternate mode? Of course it has seen on shoots.

  20. About robot in this link: Does anybody know it's alternate mode (what I don't know yet), side (Autobot or Decepticon) and it's name. You don't need to tell name yet, but alternate mode car's name and side are things what I must know.

  21. ^ That is Optimus Prime, his alt mode is a Nissan GTR...

  22. could be barricade,time will tell, if it is bummer he dropped the saleen form but the new form fits the plot better, the autobutts will be scoping for a black and white, not a slick import, robot mode looks a lot slimmer then first movie. maybe this time he gets to put a hurting on some bumble-but for real... yes i love barricade, he was the first one I bought from the first movie him and scorponok.

  23. Here is a video review of the figure that was on TF2005:

    And to whoever said that this isn't Wildrider: Of course I could be wrong, but we don't know that it's Barricade either. I was just giving my opinion. There are similarities to both robots. I'm just hoping it's a new one and not a rehash of Barricade. I'm sorry but to me Barricade should always "punish and enslave".

  24. its barricade..obviously, the saleen police car was based on lapd paint scheme. obviously that disguise isnt going to fit the plot of this movie with all the different story locations. The majority of the 1st movie was set to take place in one city, except for blackout and scorp.
    this storyline is totaly different now and who the hell would barricade be fooling diguised as lapd in philly or any of those other locations..barricade 4sho!

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