Friday, February 06, 2009

Bay: "You have so much of it wrong."

In a Shoot for the Edit thread regarding the phone survey post from this blog, Michael Bay posted a brief comment:
Guys please -- they don't have you surveys that read the plot of Transformers. Three people on the entire lot of Paramount read the script - and I can tell you they don't cold call people and ask them about the want to see of this movie. I love how you guys try to figure it out but it's not happening yet -- you have so much of it wrong.
Take from that what you want but I think the phone post is legit. Bay isn't apprised of everything the studio does much less the multitude of marketing departments from all the companies that do business with the studio on not just this but other movies such as the theatres themselves. At the end of the day the phone survey plot summary didn't so much as reveal new information as strenghten the arguments for many on what they thought the general plot of the movie is.

One the second part, I have to mostly agree with Bay. I do think all we have is a general idea of what the movie is about. However, on the many details that comprise a two hour movie I think we might have successfully worked out all of 20 minutes, if that, of the film. In a movie where anything can be changed with a creative click of the mouse over at ILM and Digital Domain, the only limitation is imagination and budget. I just hope that Bay gets that the guessing, discussions and speculation is a large part of the fun.


  1. Dear Michael Bay

    You Blew it....

    1.Incoherent plot? scenes in the movie lead nowhere or had no real purpose, comedy filler, waste time, no story logic. The movie's script made it hard to suspend belief and enjoy the movie. B movie but with a bigger budget...

    2.Laughably bad dialogue? "My bad" Shia "NoNoNoNoNo" Whats up lil B ****es" Touch my bush I'll kick your @$$!'' Happy Time" ect. ect. VOMIT

    3. The army can kill the Decepticons? Why even have the autobots.

    4.Transformers look like metal scraps glued together.

    5.Dramatic scenes that fly straight out of left field? ("I'm so glad I got in the car with you.") B movie

    6.Formerly respectable star sinks to a new low? John Turturro Jon Voight,Golden Shower Bumblebee pees now and farts? comedy gold....

    7.Incredible overacting that is obviously encouraged by the director? B movie

    8.Bumblebee who cannot speak for no apparent reason? Damaged in battle ....please WHY? Makes no sense other than that is what the director or script calls for in the movie. (no story logic.^)
    Wouldn't need to waste so much time If BumbleBee could repair himself. Like Barricade repaired himself after the first fight and tell Shia that he needs the glasses!

    9.Rampant racial stereotyping?" Hey Mammy "
    "Speak English dude "

    10.Characters with a lot of face time who end up playing no important role in the "story?"
    Hackers and soldiers.

    11.The action in some shots is hopelessly muddled? Shaky Cam, close ups, and quick cut editing.

    12. Jazz's hilarious death scene is matched only by his hilarious eulogy? B movie

    13. Transformers had little scene time due to over elaborated designs which made them too expensive? Prime shows up 70 mins into the movie.

    14. Blatant over the top product placement? Takes away from the movie experience. Not just minor product placement the movie stops just for the product placement. Bumblebee updates to a newer car. The pilots getting into the F 22.

    15. Transformers are secondary characters with little to no dialogue?

    16. Hard to tell the Transformers apart.

    17. For an action blockbuster there is not much action: 5 min of action in the beginning 10 min of action in the middle and 15 min of action at the end. In a 2 hr and 30 min movie. All of which jumps around from robots to humans every 3 seconds, due to the quick cut editing.

    18. Shia LaBarf can't act? NoNoNoNoNoNoNoNoNo

    19. Meagan Fox can't act?

    20. Michael Bay can't direct? " I make movies for 13 year old boys." Can't remember the Transformers names. Brawl is the tank Bay..

  2. please delete the dork whos post is above mine, Its a waste of internet space.

    FYI I dont belive the phone call either. Sorry but I have NEVER known a compay to call about a movie. Utter BS. I work in the film industry.

    The only thing I agree with the above post is the last one. Brawl was the tank.

  3. To that first poster, get a grip, man/woman. Hollywood has screwed other franchises infinitely more than they have TF. (see Fantastic Four) In fact, they've gotten a lot RIGHT. As far as this blog entry... It does make me scratch my head when Bay sort of indirectly chastises the fans of this movie with the guessing, theorizing, etc... He should be pretty damn honored that we (the people who will be dishing out the greens) take time to talk about his movie. Like the man said, it really is part of the fun. So what is we get it all wrong?

  4. like i said, the guy who posted the phone survey is bull shit.

    he didn't say anything new bout rumors. he made the whole shit up.

  5. Okay, to the first poster: Shut the hell up. You seem to know more about it just typing all that stupid shit up more than I do. So chill out, its all those things that you dont like that has him where he is today. So suck it up, deal with it, and go watch something else. I personally think Bay is doing a good job trying to keep the real story under wraps. If he still has us scratching our heads, then he has us right where he wants us haha

  6. Someone isn't getting any. Sheesh.

    Bay's comments are condescending and fat-headed. Let us have our fun.

  7. good job compy you pissed off michael bay

  8. To the first poster:

    I'm sorry dude, but your brain is too slow to catch up to the 21st century.

    So get outta the fuckin' line and let some other kid take your theater seat and enjoy the movie with buttered popcorn. Have fun with all your silly mule-headed Harry Potterheads.

  9. CubanSteel is right! Bay is lucky we're tryin to guess the story!What does Bay think? We wait for nearly 2 years, never pulling a Starscream on the fandom, we bust our asses trying to find out what we can about the movie, and THIS is how he thanks us? If thats how he treats his finacially troubled viewers in these times and expects s to pay 20-odd dollars to see his movies, FOR.GET.IT. I'm gonna get a pirated copy, Bay, you ******* piece of ****!!!

    To other site goers: Sorry, I get carried away when someone 'repays' me, or someone I care about, like Bay just did.
    Yeah, go ahead. Condescend me. Criticize me. Patronize me. I had to lash back at Bay, even though he'll never lower his head to our level and find out what we think......Oh, and they ruined Harry Potter waaaaaaaay back in '04...

  10. I was the first one to call that D-bag out with that fake shit....What a loser he is...

    And to the dude that typed the first post...I've seen you type the exact same shit on another blog so you must be some kind of real loser with no life to get on two blogs that I know of and bash a movie that you hate so much.. Please get a life...

    Bay is just being real about it...I don't think he is condescending and fat-headed in the above statement I just think he called a dude out on some bullshit.... I think ol' snortpocket called it right when he says compy the D-bag pissed Michael Bay off!!

    Bay did'nt write the movie so if the dude up top has a problem with the way shit goes down in it then he should be talking shit about the writers not Bay.. And overactiing? How in the FUCK!!! do they overact? supoosedly there are bad ass mean ass 15 to 30 foot robots that are trying to kill them!!! How in the fuck would you act? you dumb ass prick. I also think WE should be thankful to have a director like Bay directing these films b/c he is gonna bring the type of action to these movies that no other director could... He is a action mastermind and if anyone disagrees with me there then you can suck one!!! If you wanna judge a Bay film judge it when the action is on the screen....


    " I love how you guys try to figure it out but it's not happening yet "

    If someone saying is saying they " love " how you do something I am pretty surehe is saying he appreciates that we take the time and effort to figure out whats going on... Quit being such whiney lil bitches....

  12. I think some of us take it way to seriously but some of us, like I, just have fun playing the guessing game. I don't think most of us can figure out the story based on pictures and thus far, a 30 second clip. I think this movie will be 10x more exciting than the first. None of us though will truly know until opening night.


    Exactly. To all the whiners, you are a fucking band of shut-ins and I don't know how you finished high school with your limited grasp of the English language. Michael Bay didn't even say anything condescending, but immediately you're all "OH FUCK YOU BAY TRASFORMERS IS MY LIFE YOU RUINED YOU'LL NEVER GET MY $20 NOW BOO HOO HOO HOO"

    Everything that is wrong with Transformers fans, or fans of any franchise, is right here on this page. Grow up. If I were Michael Bay and I read this shit I'd replace Starscream with a My Little Pony just so I could sustain myself a little longer on the tears of stunted manchildren.

  14. snort.. Which Little Pony would replace Starscream? If it's the blue or the pink one, I'm still in!

    As far as Bay being condescending... it's not secret the guy's a prick. Personally I think he's doing an admirable job of getting TF on the big screen. As far as his comments? I guess it just depends on how you interpret it. I think his misinformation campaign is silly.. if he's actually proactively going out there and planting false info, then well, that reinforces my first point that Bay is a prick.

    But prick or no prick.. I'll be there opening night!

  15. No, it is no secret that the guy's a prick; he's in Hollywood. However, he took on this project unfamiliar with the franchise wanting to make an entertaining action movie (which he did), and from day one there has been been a very noisy corner of the internet constantly screaming "YOU MUST DO THIS", "YOU CAN'T DO THAT", "MY ENTIRE CHILDHOOD DEPENDS ON THIS", and "OOO YOU GAVE PRIME A MOUTH? YOU COCKSUCKER!"

    I honestly can't blame the man for wanting to poke fun at the most obsessive of nerds with misinformation campaigns and whatnot. I mean, that "FLAMES ON OPTIMUS NOOOOO" shit annoys me and I AM a transformers fan - how do you think he feels?

  16. we'll all see the movie any damn way so why all the crying. dosent matter how the movie is made and the transformers look. people will still piss and moan. just go watch the movie and enjoy it as it is. i just hope he doesnt make the autobots pussys like the 1st. (it's megatron run!) if it wasnt for our military the autobots would have been destroyed

  17. Uh why wouldn't Bay want to do a misinformation campaign to keep the plot in the dark? Isn't it more fun to see a movie that you don't know what's going to happen?

    How is he being condescending when he says "I love that you guys try to figure it out"? Obviously he is enjoying reading all the theories and such but most guesses are totally wrong. Like the blog says fans know maybe 20 minutes of plot. Lighten up Francis.

  18. We should all be thankful that we have a director like Michael Bay that's directing Transformers.

  19. Oh yeah and to all you whiners out there, stop pretending that you're not going to watch this movie because I know that some of you guys will be out there on opening night. So just shut the fuck up please!!!

  20. I noticed that aswell. In the comics bumblee bee`s voice capicior is simply chrushed by megatron and in the film jazz is esily ripped apart.

    I dont mind it if the autbots are bieng killed in a huge fight with a larger or more advanced transformer but these two events were just made to make sure they had less animation to do in the final fight.

    As for the phone call:

    1.I already said the source wasnt reliable even if bay is lieing it may mean he is doing this as his misinformation campaign meaning the phone survey is **** anyway.

    2.The phone survey misses out integral parts of the film and doesnt explain why the final scene is set in egypt.

    3.It didnt include the fallen!

    4.Starscream resurects megatron (Huge fail)

    I hope these sorts of plot defects are removed from the Revenge of the fallen script as megatron bieng brought to life by his Bitch starscream would be strange and stupid.

    Third film ideas (My ideas mainly nothing true):

    1.The surviving autobots mourn primes death.
    2.The fallen tells unicron that megatron has the matrix.
    3.Unicron knowing Megatron can`t control the matrix heads for earth.
    4.Without the knowledge of Starscreams death his minions are heading to earth.
    5.Megatrons forces attack the autobots and a few casualtys are taken on the autobot side.
    6.Starscreams forces arrive and imediately brake appart at the knowledge of Starscreams death. Some go to Megatrons side, Some form a group of there own and some join the autobots seeing megatron as too evil for his own good.
    7.Megatron returns with his new badies and begins attacking the autobots. During the fight Bumblee bee manages to rip the Matrix out of Megatrons chest leaving him weak.
    8.Taking an idea from prime they send megatrons corpse along with the corpses of the fallen decepticons into space.
    9.Unicron resurects the decepticons giving them new names, Weapons and alternate modes.
    10.Unicron attacks the fate of the world rests on Sam and Mikeala tells Sam she cant take this life and leaves the autobot group.
    11.After a huge 30 minute fight Unicron is destroyed and his head is left floating in space. Bumblee bee takes command of the autobots and knows he has a long fight ahead of him as he looks out over the battlefield of space and land he thinks of all the humans and Transformers who have lost there lives.
    12.The film ends (A possible hint for a sequel would be Unicrons head turning towards camera as the eyes light up.

  21. To the first poster: get a life!!! If it's true that you've left the same posts on two different blogs, then your life has reached a level of sadness that I didn't even know existed.

    I agree with everyone who said that Bay was not being condescending. I think this comment - and all of his other comments regarding the "misinformation campaign" - are his way of having fun with the fandom. Torturing is with no info or false info might also be payback for having his computer stolen and hacked into when he made the first movie. So everyone just needs to relax. We'll know more about the storyline as time goes on, and in a few months, we'll know everything. Besides, if we already know the storyline, it'll take away some of the magic.

    And to Scorpio: while you're free to speculate about a possible third movie, if I wanted to watch your idea, I'd just pop in my DVD of the 1986 movie.

  22. quit yer bithin. the full length trailer opens in less than a week. look forward to it

  23. To the homo with the first post on this page that was playing with his sisters care bears and easy bake oven back in the day Transformers was a good movie for us that used to collect, play with, and watch the cartoon! was their some things wrong with the movie... yea, but the movie looked great those TF'ers looked as real as they possibly could look, and I'll bet your care bears that the things we didn't like in the first movie will be cleaned up for the second go around just watch the trailer. If you didn't like the first movie fine shut up and move on, because alot of people did and a shit load more can't wait June 26th. P.S. I think Bay might be a dick and have a big ego but I'm glad he's doing these movies and hopefully a third.

  24. The first commenter is just a pissy little boy troller who plays with 'My little ponies' in the tub while his mommy braids his hair.

    He needs a life and stop playing critic. I happen to yes, think the eulogy to jazz was a bit corny. But I found the movie reminiscent of my childhood and loved it like the fan girl i am.

  25. To the first poster... I seriously don't think you have the balls to say that to his face. You have no money, cars, bitches to back up your insults to Bay. In the real world, all of us would kick your ass for being such a fucking faggot.

  26. Hi guys, I be snortpocket, I never really liked transformers, I just come on here every once in awhile to mess with people who do, because I clearly have no life. I've never had a girlfriend, I live in my mom's basement and play with my pink and blue ponies and hello kitty dolls. I should probably do you guyz a favor and commit suicide, *cocks gun* good night *BLAM!*

  27. I actually think the first poster is Correct in every sense , face it we love the bots , its the only reason we would watch that pile of dogs bollocks that Bay called a movie . I'm sure many of you could create a more coherent story

    you're acting like a bunch of losers ...fact is we wanted to see the bots , we did , the rest of the movie was shite ....simple

  28. Selective Realism2/07/2009 2:13 AM

    The first person in this comment thread is the same guy who posted the exact same rants at

  29. The first poster got some things right, we want to see more robots bashing each other, and Michael Bay has promised that in the sequel. However, I disagree with his assessment about the robots' looks. I think they look awesome and this was when I first saw the concept art not after watching the movie. The story was illogical at times yes, but then I'm sure if pure hardcore creationists can refute evolution despite the numerous amounts of evidence supporting it we can all suspend our disbelief and enjoy the movie

  30. I have to say that I love to see other Transfomers fans try to figure out the plot to the sequel it's kinda crazy to tell who,s telling the truth or not as it relates to misinformation. Hers what I think the plot is and don't hold me to this : Opening scene same as the video game commercial Prime talking and then a huge car chase with tyrese and crew and new auto bots chasing random decepticons. Killing them and destroying the bodies the Black S.E.C.T. hummvies all belong to the revamped version of sector seven that now works world wide with Autobots to hunt the bad guys. 2: Soundwave has always been in orbit and has been working in coordination with other decepticons to to revive megatron since the end of the first film - keep in mind its been two years past.Pretenders are everywhere.Good and Bad Pretenders.Wheelie is a remote control car driven by some pretender. Worldwide museums are Priority one for decepticons as they are looking artifacts and clues to the location of the fallen THEIR CREATOR Jetfire and crew all converge on Egypt He wakes up is not impressed with them ESPECIALLY since the wear his face as their logo and Prime gets his ass kicked NOT KILLED and it ends on a cliff hanger and HOLLYWOOD destroys the frachise with a horrible Part three.

  31. Ricco again, Grimlock and the dino Bots might be in the film as Dinosar Pretenders and not Robotic Think Spielberg and all that let over Jurrasic park shit Dino bots also Hiding in a museum make sense to me.

  32. Wow, way to get angry over nothing guys. Time to step out of the basment and into the sunshine. I've been a fan of Transformers since day one, quite literally, and I've got my son wrapped up in it now too. But to have a hissy fit over something a director says? Get over yourselves, and you know what else? We probably have as much wrong as we have right so deal with it.

    Finally, to the first commenter, way to show up 2 years late to the party chief, we're on to the sequel now.

  33. The first commenter forgets to mention that no one else was given the chance to do a transformers film and the ones that did didnt want to take it.

    It was the highest grossing first week for a non-sequel, which means everyone apart from you (and a few other D'bags) liked it

    The CGI was amazing should have won an oscar but...

    The score was amazing and it got two nominations in the sound categories

    Its the first time anyone has tried to do a live action transformers and it came out pretty well

    Time was wasted on the Hackers and Sector 7 but guess what ? THATS NOT MICHAEL BAYS FAULT; ITS THE FAULT OF THE WRITERS so stop dumping on Bay

    As for the fast editing, most people liked it the film was supposed to have MASS apeal and it did

    Plus with a way smaller budget it felt way more epic than anyother of the summer blockbusters that year

    Shia can act hes been in a lot of good movies
    Megan isnt the best actor but shes hot, or didnt you notice bieng a D'bag and all

  34. Blog retards is just sad that he reported fake news.

  35. LOL...I can't believe anyone believes that phone post.

  36. Yeah where is ol' compy?

    If you did'nt like the first movie then stop bashing Bay he was the director NOT the writer....

  37. Hi guys, couldn't find anywhere else to put this except on the most recent thread, but look at this site i found while looking on

    I think we've got the proof now!!

  38. EDIT TO POST 2/07/2009 11:18am -

    TF Live, can you add this to the main page please, as I think it looks legit!

  39. I just have to say that I'm a big fan of the TF franchise, and thought that the movie was great fun, but completely agree with everything that poster #1 said.

  40. jetfire as the fallen? shit! i hoped they are separate characters... at least its not megatron

  41. First photo of the Fallen toy!

  42. Check out the teaser on MSN, hover the pointer over the video for the following short plot synopsis:

    ‘Decepticon forces return to Earth on a mission to take Sam Witwicky prisoner, after the young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers.’

  43. hm... pic is blurry, but its face doesnt really resembles to the "pharaoh-transformer"'s face on the poster...

  44. maybe it does resemble to the poster-face... its good to know that megatron is not the fallen as some ppl speculated

  45. its is interesting that the overall shape of the robot resembles the "jetfire" toy... maybe the fallen = jetfire

  46. welll this pretty much rules out megatron being the fallen and the fallen being in the movie.

  47. i think theres going to be like a couple classes of him. like in the last movie line optimus was leader and voyager. so i think this one is either voyager or leader. its too detailed to me to be a deluxe

  48. God man how many f'in times do people have to say that Jetfire IS NOT the fallen!!!

  49. The head is different from Jetfire's. They're two different characters.

  50. not jetfire? just compare this guy to that small "jetfire" toy we saw earlier. i believe this may be his cybertronian form. Also, look at jetfires "jaws" in that pic of toy (blackbird transforemr) where they show his face and compare it to the teaser poster... in the poster i believe that hes not wearing his "battle mask", but on the blackbird toy he does. Also, there is a cockpit between their legs (apparently mistransformed), and their feet is also similar, furthermore, both are kinda "hunched" a bit... i think "jetfire" is the same as the fallen

  51. When are you guys going to understand that Bay's an asshole? He's a fine asshole as far as I'm concerned, and if you've got a problem with how he handles "your childhood", then it's your fault for not making the movie first.

    Calm the fuck down, kids.

  52. omfg jetfire? are yo userious? THE TOY OF THE FALLEN HAD ITS OWN INTRUCTIONS THAT SAID "THE FALLEN". cant you guys read at all?

  53. It's Fallen !
    And Wheelie !

  54. ok, so the "fallen" is jetfire

  55. YUP the head matches the tf.rotf teaser poster,you can see a good pic of it at

  56. ROTF Wheelie! :D

  57. megatron is the fallen is jetfire?

  58. at anon 2/07/2009 1253pm:

    Oh dear god i thought they were joking about the remote control car...

    oh, just to annoy everyone whos jumping on the bandwagon, i put the first post about the fallen up ;p

  59. Oh my god i just saw wheelie and he is a sidechanger. The fallen has an awesome robot mode though it is slightly mis transformed the nosecone of the jet should fold up behind him.

    I am slightly disapointed in bay as he had the chance to make the fallen on fire. Also the fallen has the exact same cybetronian jet mode as Soundwave and megatron. Though he could have been done much better. I really hope he is on fire for the film as The fallen was originaly powered by heat that was why he was always on fire in the cartoons and comics.

    Hopefully the next toy revealed will be either Devastator or his parts or The third unknown leader (The first two are prime and megatron)

  60. err, scoprpio, i think the fallen is gonna be a leader class. he appears to be the main villain (don't kill me!) of the movie...

  61. I do believe those red and orange lines all over his body will be the fire. In my opinion, if it is the fire, much better than the ice that the Voyager Megatron had from the last movie.

  62. Ehh

    guys this is off topic, but there is toy version of The Fallen.

    Thought you guys would like to know?

  63. Hi guys, I be snortpocket, I never really liked transformers, I just come on here every once in awhile to mess with people who do, because I clearly have no life. I've never had a girlfriend, I live in my mom's basement and play with my pink and blue ponies and hello kitty dolls. I should probably do you guyz a favor and commit suicide, *cocks gun* good night *BLAM!*

    Haha, nice try, but as Bay might say, "You have so much of it wrong".

  64. Shit was already posted !!!

  65. Who's to say this is even real.... We dont know shit yet... Quit shitten yourselves this could be just as fake as the compy mofo....Who has'nt said shit since Bay called his queer ass out on some fake shit....

  66. Spoilers:

    Replying to Anonymous on 2/07/2009 1:13 AM

    Thankyou for at least talking sense about the film and i think you would find my idea is slightly different from the original film:

    1. Megatron has the matrix and isnt brought back to life by unicron.

    2. There are four warrioring factions.
    2a: Autbots
    2b: Decepeticons
    2c: Unicron and his army including the fallen
    2d: All the decepticons from cybertron

    3. It would be a better film and everyone on this blog would want to see a planet sized transformer.

    Replying ends!

    Wheelie has been released aswell today. The toy back says he used to be a decepticon and that he never wanted to be one so he switched sides.

    In my opinion he looks like a cross between ROTF Sidewipe (Wheels on feet), Roberto from futurama (Head design) And that robot from speed planet in transformers cybertron the one who is a monster truck.

    I suggest not buying this toy as i believe he or she is the most likely candidate to die in this film.

    Apparently i have heard rumors that bay might have leaked the fallens image onto the web to try and get us all to stop spreading rumors about megatron.

    Although this is not likely it would mean that we might forget that megatron is in the film.

    Also i have heard news that the third leader class figure will indeed be the fallen however there are rumors that a leader non transforming or seperating constructicon devastator would be released.

    There are now only a few charecters we havent seen and these are:

    The constructions (Only seen 1)
    Arcee (Combined form and other 2 bikes)
    Scorponok (2009 version he has changed a lot)
    Alice (Pretender form toy)
    Frenzy like drones (Might not be released as toy)

    Other than that we have seen all the robots except for Barricade unless he is the Audi R8 bot!

    The next transformers toy we are likely to see is one of the Arcee bikes or one of the constructicons or Devastator himself.

  67. Counterpunch2/07/2009 3:18 PM


    There are only 2 factions from Cybertron. AUTOBOTS & DECEPTICONS.

  68. The only thing I'd like to comment on is this statement:
    "In a movie where anything can be changed with a creative click of the mouse over at ILM and Digital Domain, the only limitation is imagination and budget."

    As a 3d animator myself, let me tell you that it takes far, far more than a "creative click" of the mouse. Once these scenes are established, that's it. You don't go and change them. The amount of work that goes into a production like this is ridiculous from the visual fx side.

  69. God I can't stand it when people act like they know what's going to happen... It's ok to give theories or debate about what we may think is going to happen but don't act like you actually know what's going to happen...

    Those are'nt spoilers they are rumors.... Michael Bay said that only 3 people on the lot of Paramount actually read the script so stop trying to act like yall actually know who or what is going to be in this film.... Fucking losers....

  70. I just read the script..
    and god damn...
    this is going to be one sick ass movie.
    can't wait for it.
    oh yeah and the plot is really twisted so it pulls you into the story.
    Decepticons are really fucked up in this movie too.
    Autobots are even more lethal than the last movie.
    All i gotta say is, I cant wait to watch this.
    This movie is about 2 and a half hours.
    Really balances out the characters as well.
    THERE WILL BE A "SURPRISE GUEST" that will be in the movie.
    One aspect about this though...
    In the factory scene back in the east side,
    I think the way they portrayed optimus as a god was a little over the top.
    Also, new info on what may come.
    At the end, Stay after the credits, it looks theres an UNInvisioned CRONtab shadow hovering over some distant tan planet.
    All in all... GREAT MOVIE.

  71. About the "Supprise Guest"

    LOL "Snake Eyes from GI JOE?"

    This is a joke, not to be taken seriously, but With both from Dreamworks and the TF and Joe history. Its not a stupid far off guess in this world.

    I dont think the guy above me read the script, unless hes high up at Dreamworks and paramount. So I dont Believe it.

    Also I hope Bay is right , I do hope that we "Have it all wrong"

    its fun to dream and speculate, but in the end Dont we all want to be like "HOLY SH@T " I never thought of that? And ok I cant believe they put that in there, That was awsome.

  72. at anon 2/07/2009 407pm:

    What script? there's so many leaked ones out at the moment we don't know who or what to believe. speculation is fun, but don't brag unless you have proof...

  73. Might Maximal2/08/2009 1:53 AM

    I can't imagine why - but it does infer that Starscream might consider resussitating Megatron on his Toy Bio - and somepeople think they are standing next to each other when Sam is being menaced (asuming that's not part of the dream he has in the classroom).

    Seems illogical to me mind.

    My favorite crackpot theory of the moment is that The Fallen is Jetfire.

    I think the fun thing about that is it pairs down the plots and factions - but since the 1st movie was crazy with multiple threads - I suppose it's not unlikely the 2nd one is too.

    So If one again follows the toy info then That says that Jetfire has been on earth as long as The fallen making sure he stays entoombed.

    I don't know what Mr. Bay is specifically saying is so wrong... perhaps he thinks we are failing to get some aspect - it might just be though that an aspect he considers important might not be that interesting to internet types like what NEST or Sam's parents do - I don't personally especially care as i'll probably only watch those parts once that are not action or robots anyhow (ON DVD) so Human parts of the plot hold very little relevence to me regradless what they do - especially the Humor bits or any extraneous characters (Like the Code Breakers of Sam's Parents - heck if I;m honest I don't see much need for Mikaela if she's not going to do anything of interest).


  74. Mighty Maximal2/08/2009 2:16 AM

    [Follow up]

    I just thought I'd mention that the reason those Codebreakers hog so much of the screen time as it's supposed to be a (somewhat over the top) reference to one of Bay's Earlier movies that had similar characters.

    I personally think that it's just another of many aspects that seems to be "Borrowed" from Independence Day.

    I think it's incomprehensible for people to say that all but a tiny minority like the Transformers live Action Movie - I think perhaps it's more like the Star Wars Prequels - there will be some who wanted to see them and liked them - and some who felt they "had to" see them so they could talk about them and they'd be missing out if they didn't.

    I think a fair few people will go see ROTF even if they don't like the 1st Live Action Movie or had some issues with it, if they are inclined to talk about it online.

    If they are not inclinded to chat about it online they might wait for the DVD.

    Personally I did not go see the Star Wars Prequels or The 1st Live Action Transformers movie at Theaters even though I consider myself very interested in and 'chatty' about both Franchises.

    Not because I'm a hater but because I don't enjoy the Cinema Experience - to loud and to crowded for me to be interested.

    DVD's better as then it's a lot easier to never have to watch Sam's Parents or the Codebreakers ever again.

    I'll probably be fast forwarding past a lot of the Twins in ROTF I Suspect.

  75. I haven't read all the comments, but I guess I was wrong. I guess I must have dreamt the whole phone survey. Or I'm making it up cause I'm a big attention whore. Or I'm on drugs. Yeah, it's the hallucinations! It was really my mom calling asking about movies! Yeah, that's it! Drugs! Hallucinations! Hooray!

    Believe what you want, but I DID take part in a phone survey. It DID include information on TF2.


  76. [i]snortpocket said...
    good job compy you pissed off michael bay

    I hope he doesn't blow me up. [Checking car for explosives]

  77. > Believe what you want, but

    I choose to believe only those things which are capable of being verified independently. Preferably through multiple unaffiliated sources, although I’ll settle for three minimum. You’re one source and therefore wholly insufficient. I find this blog to be entertaining, but that’s all.

    > Or I'm making it up cause I'm a big attention whore.

    Whether you made it up or not is irrelevant if your information is not verifiable. “It happened to me!” said three times by yourself doesn’t count. You may cease the attention whoring now.

    > Meh.

    Indeed. Enjoy your drugs.

  78. Spoilers:

    pete said...
    err, scoprpio, i think the fallen is gonna be a leader class. he appears to be the main villain (don't kill me!) of the movie...

    Scorpio says:

    LOL dont worry i`m not going to kill you. I also believe that the third leader class figure is the fallen but it hasnt been confirmed yet so i didnt post it.


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