Sunday, February 22, 2009

Orci: "Megatron Returns!"

Transformers writer Roberto Orci confirmed that Megatron returns in Transformers 2. His exact quotes are "Megatron returns!...Keep it quiet". I guess this is big news but then the Voyager class toy packaging gave this away already.

What still confuses me is Michael Bay saying Megatron doesn't return. If he said it to fan sites, you can file it under intentional misdirection. However, he apparently said that (love a direct quote to verify) to Empire Magazine and as general rule of thumb it is a bad idea to "misdirect" the press. I get the feeling that both are telling the truth as part of the storyline. Time will tell. Thanks to Michael for the link.


  1. Doesn't Orci contradict himself earlier he said that Megatron returning would be silly. Anyway I agree with you megatron will return but in a small part he maybe revived at the end. Also...


  2. AW c-mon we already knew he was gonna wouldnt be a movie without megatron would it?? starscream couldnt lead a pack of ants to a picnic


    ur correct, michael bay DID indeed misdirect

    Thanks for binging it up

  4. Megatron is back in action ! Yeah !

  5. Leader class Megatron !!!

  6. Bay said the Chevy Volt wasn't a transformers and tadaa !! it's Jolt.

  7. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that mos tof us knew this already based on the multiple images of art and action figures coming out. Plus, there's that whole thing about seeing Megatron's leg in the frame and HIS HAND AND ARM pinning down Sam in the Trailers. But a little confirmation is always good. :)

    But, I take it he won't be referred to as "Galvatron"? Too bad. I was kind of hoping that Leonard Nimoy would voice him. :(

  8. C'mon, I don't mind the misdirection.

    Do you really want to know all the secrets right from the get go? I'd rather they keep us guessing.

  9. Galvatronnnnnnnnnn.
    i guess ...Not.
    (judging from the top package)..

    Do want to see Galvatron-Megatron though.

    and it's kinda obvious that Megatron WILL be back..
    *comon, he cant die in the first movie if there's 3 movie total..
    they still need him and prime to kill(?) Unicron...

  10. NO SHIT, ORCI.

  11. michael bay totally fails at denying stuff


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