Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bay Talks Potential Nimoy Casting

MTV once again, this time talking to Transformers 2 director Michael Bay about voice casting, specifically casting his cousin, Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek's Spock) in the sequel.
“I’m still not done with all the voices,” Bay explained to us recently when we brought up “Revenge of the Fallen” robot casting for the film.

As loyal fans of the robots-in-disguise remember, Mr. Spock himself - Leonard Nimoy - was the voice of characters like Galvatron in the 1986 cartoon “Transformers: The Movie.” And “Revenge” writer Roberto Orci has said that he’d like to see Nimoy return for the summer blockbuster.

“You know, he’s related to me,” laughed Bay. “And now that you are filming this, maybe you can send it to him.”

“[Nimoy] is married to Susan Bay, who’s a cousin to me,” Michael explained, saying that he’s afraid of insulting his relative with the mere pittance allotted to pay his voice actors. “I just feel kind of bad about asking him. Like ‘I can’t pay you that much? But would you do this voice?’”

So Michael hasn’t worked up the nerve yet to ask his famous cousin – who appears in next month’s “Star Trek” – to lend him his vocal talents. Instead, the pair have been using a third relative as a go-between.

“Would he do it?” Bay asked. “He suggested to my mom that he might do it.”


  1. Grow some balls Bay! Ask him. And give me back that download you tanked after 12 hours! I was away for the weekend, it's not fair! You, you, aww, I am sorry. I am just venting for not being Able to watch that clip.

  2. If u look at Mixmaster's head and fingers, they look like the aliens from Independence Day.

  3. ^^^ TFLive has put the footage on the sidebar to the left. Also, someone posted this torrent link:


    It would have been nice if Nimoy could have played Jetfire or something as his grumbly voice would have worked well for the role, but based on the montage, it sounds like the ol' cantankerous bastard already has a voice.

    How kool would it be if Nimoy narrated the flashbacks as the voice of Unicron?

    ..in deep booming voice...

    "I am the beginning... I am the end... I am eternal... I am... Unicron!"

  4. Whoops, I mentioned Unicron.. bring on the flames..

  5. re: unicron,

  6. http://www.tfw2005.com/transformers-news/attachment.php?do=fullview&attachmentid=17662

    barricade bio! via tfw2005,

    make what you will of the revisionist writing. a bit more believable than desert brawl, who as a badly damage tank somehow managed to elude capture and hide in some desert.

  7. Who would he voice in revenge of the fallen?

  8. Mike Bay is just being humble.

    Nimoy IS definitely doing a voice in this film. The relation to Bay is huge but...both films are Paramount & written by Alex & Bob. Paramount would gladly have paid Nimoy for his time in the recording booth.

    Would any of you like a spoiler?????

    Jetfire's voice......is actually Nimoy. Listen closely----it's him. Bay isn't courting a cousin of his b/c he already recorded JF voice-work but....Turturro was the stand-in voice in Egypt.

    YOU HEARD IT HERE *MTV drum & bass plays---fade to black*

  9. He may end up voicing The Fallen or Devastator or Demolisher. Jetfire doesn't sound like him to me.

  10. "Jetfire doesn't sound like him to me"
    That's the point. If he sounded like Leonard normally talks....you would recognize it.

    When you first heard Jazz speak did you know it was Eddie from Family Matters? I didn't

  11. "When you first heard Jazz speak did you know it was Eddie from Family Matters? I didn't"

    WHAT? Holy Fuck are you kidding me?

    Hahahahahaha! So it is true.. the first per.. err umm *Robot* to die in the movie was black? lol

    hahahaha.. sorry

    Really Eddie from Family matters?

  12. "Really Eddie from Family matters?"
    Sure was.

    It had nothing to do with race as Jazz was not necessary for the sequel as are the other 4.

  13. What are you people? Everybody knew Jazz was eddie in tf1? You come to this blog everyday and know everything about tf2, but didn't do the same for the first movie? Jeeeez.
    and to that guy who is crying to bay for the download link....this is ze internet man! Once something has been put online it is out there, just search or ask somebody, don't be an ass about it and go crying to michael bay. Jeezzzz.
    search with your lazy ass!

  14. ^^^ GO AWAY ^^^

  15. DUMB ASS FIRSTIES AGAIN...anyone heard from ol scorpio lately???or didya run him off??

  16. 'Everybody knew Jazz was eddie in tf1?'
    I didn't. But I have no idea who Eddie is. Never heard of this Family Matters show. Must be a US thing.

    The animated movie is the only TF cartoon I actually like enough to own and certainly it would be cool to hear Nimoy's voice return for the live action sequel. He did a great job as Galvatron making him a pretty cool character before the Season 3 writers and the change in voice ruined that.

  17. Well, I knew Jazz's voice was altered when I first saw the movie because it's easy to tell when somethings been slowed down.

    Jetfire's voice doesn't really sound altered at all and doesn't really sound like Nemoy. Sorry.

  18. Jetfire is voice by John Turturro.



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